Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Article Posted on Tonight!

My guest post article has posted on SurvivalBlog this evening. If you are interested in reading The Top Ten Lessons Learned from the DoS Attack on SurvivalBlog, by all means...go ahead.

I've wanted to contribute to SB for a couple of years now but didn't feel I had any substantial knowledge to add for an audience so submerged in preparedness and survival intelligence.

After being somewhat at the forefront of the DoS attack and helping to get the word out, the idea occured to me that I FINALLY had something to write about and submit to SurvivalBlog.

I hope you enjoy reading it. I sure enjoyed writing it. Thanks again to James Rawles, his wife Avalanche Lily and all the advertisers that help keep his website afloat.



matthew in gooseneck, g said...

Read your article sir. really good. I do xrays as well. You are the third prepper I know now who does xray/radiology work.
I will continue to read your blog.

Matthew in gooseneck,Ga

The Orange Jeep Dad said...

@Matthew Welcome aboard! Glad to see another fellow Rad Tech in the prepper community.

Rob said...

Saw this late last night. I will read later today.

Beth of Red Barn Farm said...

Will post a comment since I know you love feedback! Great article on SB and thank for stopping by my blog during the outage to let me and my readers know what was happening!

Ollamha Anne said...

Very well written. And many good points.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Alot to think about. amishwoman49

kymber said...

OJD - i was glad when i went to Beth's site and was able to read your comments there, and then to come to your site for a full explanation on what had happened at survival blog. congrats on being published on survival blog - i think that you did an excellent job explaining a very difficult subject! thank you!

Red Woman said...

Excellent article! I am taking it to heart and will work harder at being prepared.


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