Thursday, December 4, 2014

Great Prepper Buy: USB Powered AA/AAA Battery Charger - $9.95 + Free Ship

Another red flag from my Deal Search programs.

USB Powered AA/AAA Battery Charger - $9.95 + Free Ship (normally $25)
  • Recharges AA or AAA Ni-Mh/Ni-CD batteries from any USB power source: USB solar panels, USB battery banks, most cellphone USB chargers and laptops
  • Perfect for camping, travelling, emergency preparedness and outdoor activities
  • LED indicator light turns from red to green when battery is fully charged
  • 500mA charge rate, charges most Ni-Mh AA batteries to capacity in 4-5 hours without overheating

Keep your AA or AAA battery powered devices fully charged anywhere. The Sunjack USB battery charger charges your Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd batteries from virtually any USB power source. Perfect for use with the Sunjack Portable USB Solar Charger and most other USB solar chargers. Works great with the Sunjack 8000mAh battery bank (and most other USB battery banks) - a fully charged 8000mAh Sunjack battery bank can charge up to 20 AA batteries. Works with most smartphone or tablet USB chargers. 1 year warranty. *Batteries are not included. Spec: 4.5 x 2.8 x 1 3.6 oz max input: 5V 500mAh

Use your solar charger or any other device with a USB port to charge your batteries!



DFW said...

OJD, Have the rechargeable batteries gotten any better over the past 10 years? I found, waaay back then, that the batteries only charged 1 or 2 times before being useless.

OrangeJeepDad said...

Yes, far better now. I bought 16 for our four Wii remotes. They've lasted a year so far... when I can find remember :-/

OrangeJeepDad said...

When I can find "them"

OrangeJeepDad said...

van bought a couple to review for everyone. I doubt this is the last time they go on sale but they are still $9.95 as of this post.

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