Sunday, July 5, 2015

SurvivalBlog Appears to be Down Again 2015

Update: SB appears to be up again. Not sure if I just experienced a glitch or not. Glad to see it back nonetheless.

Also, the Swedish server appears to be nixed and replaced with the following, albeit still under construction:


I intended to re-read a recent article about the recent decisions of our Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Unfortunately, SB seems to be down again. In the past, Rawles gets hacked on extended weekends by hackers that know he will have an extended period of time when his server will be unattended. Last I checked, Rawles does not have a server in his home and is dependent on commercial servers.

These companies tend to staff lightly (if at all) on holidays like most other American companies. He did have a server in Sweden last I checked so I would think that it would be up. However, neither of the IP addresses I have on file are working at the moment:

Please bookmark both of SurvivalBlog's servers: [U.S. Server] [Swedish Server]
One or both of them may go down.

 My guess that this is the same DoS attack he tolerates every year and if we wait 24 hours, we'll probably hear something from him.

 It is Sunday, so enjoy some time with your families.



Justin Trovrt said...

Does anyone know why he gets attacked by hackers?

Anonymous said...

Almost every commercial website in the US gets attacked weekly ( if not daily). It is not specific to survival blog. The larger the company the more they spend on firewalls, network security, web load balancers and top notch IT staff , etc. Obviously SB is more ad based to generate the revenue to pay the network providers and probably cant afford the best on the block..securitywise.

Anonymous said...

Nearly 8 weeks without a post; hope you're steering clear of the fires up that way.

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