Friday, September 23, 2016

The Orange Jeep IS BACK! -- (1977 Jeep CJ7)

Happy Days are here again! Next month is the three year anniversary of our house fire that claimed my beloved Orange Jeep. As fate would have it, an advertisement came my way that I couldn't believe.

It was an advertisement for a Jeep in a local Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade type group that I recently joined. I've been watching for a replacement Jeep every since the fire but I had established certain minimums before I would buy another one.

Now that I've had three Jeeps (four if you count my current Cherokee...but we all know those don't count), I know what personally make me happy on a Jeep:

  • a nice, big lift kit. 
  • oversized tires to go with the lift
  • winch
  • and above all else...IT HAS TO BE ORANGE.
Now, back to the Facebook ad. It not only had everything on my Wish had even more BONUS stuff...including:

  • nice, new black leather front bucket seats AND matching rear bench
  • strong eight cylinder motor with a solid clutch
  • four extra WORKING KC lights
  • monster spare tire carrier WITH a full-sized spare mounted
  • brand new 37 inch knobbies (still has the little rubber nipples!)
  • complete, solid no-leak soft top in excellent condition
  • dual batteries under the hood to handle the bonus KC lights
All for only $5,000. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Can you believe that? So, guess how much money I had saved up...

NONE. Dilemma time, right? My brain went into overtime trying to figure out how to acquire this beauty. Because I'm short on time, I'll skip to the end. I ended up not spending a single dime for this purchase. 

Would you believe I BARTERED for the whole thing? If you've read my blog in the past, you'd know I bartered for my Husqurvana tiller and many other things. This Jeep was no different. It did cost me quite a bit more than any other barter from the past. But nothing I couldn't do without.

In the end it cost me my 1981 Chevy longbed (that had a blown motor), my white enclosed trailer (many pics here on the blog) and some of my guns that didn't get used much if at all.

Are you ready to see it?!?

I can't keep the kids out of it. 

Boo says it looks (from the front) like a giant spider. Perhaps we should name it Aragog after the Harry Potter spider?

The fender flares and top soaked up all the Armor-All I had in the garage and came out looking nice.

Even with the big tires it still drives like a dream down the road...nice and straight.

Lots of candy on it but still room for plenty more. I can't wait!
So, there you go. Another example of the old saying "Good things come to those who wait." I can't wait to dig in and start playing with the gauges and adding more doo-dads. This winter I'll be driving around all day in the snow just LOOKING for someone to pull out of the ditch with my winch.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think of Aragog!



Jason and Michelle said...

That's an amazing deal! Glad you got a jeep again

Dizzy-Dick said...

Be careful with matches around it (grin). Really good looking Jeep.

Jay Ater said...

Great news! Its hard to explain to folks what a good feeling it to have a Jeep. Even if I broke it or I'm mad at it, having a Jeep makes me grin.

How close are you to Moab? Hoping to head out there next year and it would be awesome to meet up somewhere along the way.

Jay Ater said...

Oh yeah, it looks great, although it would be purtier if it was Yeller.......

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!! This looks badass country!
-stealth spaniel

Dan Thomps said...

been reading your blog since the beginning,

good to see you got a cool orange jeep again

Safety Restore said...

It looks amazing. Good to see your jeep with new look. Jeeps are my favorite too but the moment I decide to buy one I start getting second thoughts. I am very happy to read post enjoy!!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

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Anonymous said...

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