Moving to Your Homestead (Tips)

There are easy ways to get your cars registered & plated
Homestead Reboot 2.0 is underway. I made an attempt on 160 acres in the summer of 2013. Now we have jumped in with both feet and bought 3 acres in Idaho. For many years, I worked the night shift at a small hospital and dreamed of moving my family to a beautiful homestead out of the city and into the countryside.

I have achieved it. I will share how I did it in hopes it helps you fulfill your dream of moving to a beautiful homestead.


Choosing the location of your dream homestead

Finding a job near your dream homestead

Choosing a moving company. Learn from our experience.

Packing for the move  (and hedging against the moving company's inevitable delays)

Evaluating your homestead for income (money) potential

Evaluating your local community

Registering and plating your vehicles


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