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The Plan

Life doesn't come with a manual, so I'm attempting to create my own.


Section One: Finances
-Chapter One: Income
--Subchapters: what is it, how much do you need, how to keep track of it, how to increase it

-Chapter Two: Expenses
--Subchapters: what is it, who to decrease it, how to keep track of it

Section Two: Family
-Chapter Three: Spritual
--sub: find a church, go to church, community service, learn the bible, family home evening
chapter: organization
--sub: assign chores, many hands might like work, accountability with rewards, checklists
-chapter: acknowledgement

Section: Self
Spiritual - church involvement
Mental - music, appearance, exercise, motivational mp3, nutrition, hobby, language
Physical - exercise, grooming, clothing, nutition

section: home
chapter: maintenance, lists, chores, fun activities around the house, bills, groceries, meals

section: work
chapter: how to keep boss happy, how to improve skills, cut down time, use lunch wisely, keep an eye out for a better job

section: education
chapter: learning is life long, always read something

Section: goals
chapter: can't attain if you don't set them, one year plan, five year plan, ten, etc