Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Help Identifying a Bush

I inherited a garden in front of my new home and I'm not sure what I have so..

We'll start with what I hope is a blueberry bush.

It has little dark blue or black berries on it from last season.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



Jay Ater said...

Doesn't look like GW, maybe Jeb? (Sorry couldn't resist, I'll crawl back under the rock now.)

The Orange Jeep Dad said...

Badump dump!

Jason and Michelle said...

We had several bushes that looked like that. I don't remeber what my neighbor said they were. He said the berries weren't edible, that's why the birds didn't eat them.
We pulled them up. Take a branch to a local nursey, maybe they can ID it for you.

Marivene said...

I would crush a berry & smell it (not taste it) to see if it smelled like blueberries. You could let it grow thru spring to observe it. Blueberry twigs have a reddish cast, the blossoms are white, & the leaves turn red or orange in the fall.

Anonymous said...

definitely Blueberry; one clue is color of branches. Birds and squirrels love blueberries.

Deb said...

That looks like privet to me. If it is, pull it up and burn it. It will spread everywhere!

LannaM said...

I don't think it's blueberry. My blueberry bushes grow more tight/compact and more from a single stem (with branches) than the sprawling-ness of that (reminds me of my crazy thyme that I've divided and given away so many times over the years). Not sure what else it could be, I'd have to go hunt through my books. Maybe get some clearer photos to email in to the UI Extension office and see if they know?

The Orange Jeep Dad said...

Thanks everyone!

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