Saturday, May 26, 2012 being DoS attacked and is down

Update from (Avalanche) Lily Rawles (21:48 MST):

Apparently, there's a racist in Texas that has threatened JWR's livelihood and attacked SurvivalBlog.  The following is a quoted excerpt from the threat as sent to me directly from Lily. She asked that I leave out the cursing and I will happily oblige.

Lily: "It appears to have been a "pinging" DOS attack, most likely instigated by the man in Texas that anonymously sent me this little missive, last week:"

Hacker: "You "N" (word removed)  lover you have five days to take all links and any metion for links below off your site. If you dont do it I will post everyone of you crappy books on prirate sites and kiss your "N" (word removed) loving income from them good by. I can and haved posted privated books up screwed up a company before They are almost dead kiss good f***ing good by they could not take our hacks after relating to you f***.  We even take their 4000 books off kindle. Don't believe watch their books all go by by after Monday we have people work at amazon we can get their books off watch yours go to to. You must post I hate "N"s on your site or it happen to you to to. Time u feel our power see jewish hate on your site to. we hack good , F*** you them all u
OJD: I left punctuation "as is". They hope to get the site back up by "Monday afternoon". Please pray for the Rawles in hopes that God will continue to bless their family and deter this miscreant down a different, less harmful path and keep all the loyal advertisers/friends of Survival Blog safe from harm.

My original post is below:

I noticed is down. JWR was kind enough to upload an index page explaining that SB is getting hit with a DoS attack (Denial of Service).

When you visit SurvivalBlog, either by URL (typing the words, or by IP address (using numbers, ) you come to a temporary blank page. The blank white page states that SB is under a DoS attack and to please NOT refresh or reload the page.

Here's why:

Let's say you own a flower shop and 100% of your customers buy over the phone.  There is an evil competitor down the street that wants to put you out of business, even if only for one day. He has some friends come over to his location and they all bring their cell phones. Everyone begins calling your shop at 8am when you start your business day. They either make up bogus sales orders or just hang up when you answer. They continue to call ALL day until closing time.

You were not able to take any legitimate orders for that day. You're not closed permanently but you were effectively closed for a full day.

This is similar to a DoS attack.  Only, the bad guys can use any computer that they control to "auto dial" your number (visit your site) and they just sit back and watch. Once enough page loads are being requested at the same time,  within a certain time frame, the server hosting said website will shut down due to bandwidth restrictions. It can resume once the massive attacking traffic has stopped.

So DON'T reload or refresh the SurvivalBlog homepage or you'll be adding to the "traffic" which is crushing SB. Take a deep breath and come back tomorrow.

In the meantime, remind yourself that this is a good reason to buy JWR's CD archive of his entire site. It is only $4.97 on Amazon right now and includes 2005 through 2011. Hurry, it might not be there long.  Also, there are a handful of programs out there that allow you to "crawl" his site daily and archive it yourself for free. I like Black Widow myself.

I look forward to the juicy details JWR is sure (I hope)  to relay to us.

Survival Blog's IP (dotted quad) is and has remained up during the DoS attack.

Take Care.

Update: SB's low bandwidth offshore site is also down.

As of 5-27-12 20:37

Our Swedish server is currently under a DoS attack.
Please bookmark both of our servers: [U.S. Server] [Swedish Server]
One or both of them may go down.