Friday, May 10, 2013

The Axe has Fallen: I'm Laid Off

Corporate suck.
During the last month or so, my small town hospital has been teetering on bankruptcy. Our pay checks were constantly late and we had little choice in the matter. The latest we were ever paid was one full week. But I was loyal.

It had been five years since we opened and several of my coworkers had stayed together as a team from the prior hospital, dating back to 2004. It is amazing how well a department can function when you have a tight, cohesive team.  So well, in fact, that when our Radiology Director passed from cancer we worked without a Director for nine months.

I think we spoiled the hospital Administration. After a while, they must have figured "Why bother paying a Director? These guys are autonomous!" And on it went...for five years.

They did finally promote someone from within our department to Director. In retrospect, he my have gotten the short end of the stick out of all of us. But let's focus on the important stuff...ME. LoL.

Fast forward five years. ObamaCare kicks in. Recession is causing havoc across America. We've gone FIVE YEARS without a raise in our hospital but remained loyal.

Then the domino effect began. First was the missed payrolls. Uh oh. Speed bump. Carry on. Nothing to see here folks.

Then a last minute meeting was scheduled to tell us the original hospital was being closed. It was hemorrhaging too much debt and was taking both hospitals down the drain. We were told that with our Main campus closed, our little outlier, small town hospital would survive on winter visitors (and their MediCare).

I'll speed the timeline up.

Week One - Six: paychecks inconsistent.

Week Seven: Main hospital closes. 400 people out of a job within days. Smaller hospital employees told they will keep their jobs. All is well. (I was one of the small hospital employees).

Week Eight: Announcement: Large Corporation buys our small hospital. Meeting Monday morning with Corp Admin tells us "Everyone guaranteed to keep their jobs."

Week Nine & Ten: every other day, you have a job, we're not sure you will have a job, it is guaranteed...until we interview you, you salary will NOT change...unless you salary is above or below our established range, then it will be adjusted accordingly.

Week Eleven: you have a job and have great qualifications.

Week Twelve: there's a list coming out in one week that will state who has a job and who is terminated. In the meantime, fill out all this new hire paperwork, get TB shots, MMR titers, physicals, mask fittings, etc etc. Welcome aboard.

Week Thirteen: I am in Oklahoma for my Grandmother's funeral. Corporate's Human Resources calls me to say "Our offer to employ you have been rescinded." No explanation. Just a bunch of corporate double-speak.

So, without notice, on a Friday afternoon, while out of state, grieving for my Grandmother...I lose my job...over the phone. How's that for classy?

Thank you Banner Health Corp.

So, I am currently seeking a full time job in Radiology if anyone has availability during this recession. I am trained in XRay, CT Scanning, Ultrasound, MRI and Interventional Radiology.

I am a walking Radiology Department.