Saturday, August 29, 2020

Project Updates for 2020 (so much going on!)

 Hello out there. 

I videotaped a quick walkthrough of what I'm doing around the homestead this year. There is so much going on that it seems overwhelming at times.

I felt I owed it to anyone still following the blog. 

Of course, not much to follow if I'm not updated...hence the video. 

Here's the video:

and the short list:

Beefing up the Homestead

 - Rebuilt front porch

 - Fortifying the front grass

 - Added curbing to front

 - Added rock to front

 - Added curbing to back

 - Added 30amp plug for camper

 - Purchased 30' Shadow Cruiser


 - Adding privacy shrubs to back fenceline

 - Adding ground cover between curbing and back fence

 - Rebuild back porch

 - Adding rock to driveway

 - Adding curbing to south property line

Lots of other plans further down the line but this has been keeping me busy since June. 

The craziness in the world is accelerating so I am doing the same with my prepping. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are doing well for the coming election.