Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cody at WranglerStar Masterpiece Video of theYear

Wow Cody. You've REALLY raised the bar with this one. Your normal homesteading vids have taken on a whole new light. Congratulations buddy.

Wanna see an incredibly inspiring and beautiful video?  Check out Cody's latest over at his Wranglerstar channel on YouTube.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Call to ACTION: Help This Officer NOW (please!)

Officer Scott Berry responded to a call where a man was holding his family at knife-point. This suspect had previously been arrested for punching his mother SO HARD in the face that it caused an orbital floor fracture and her eye popped out. She lost the eye permanently.

When Officer Berry took this turd to the jail cell, an altercation occurred. It was video taped by the police jail camera. Officer Berry defended himself AFTER the scumbag took a swing at him (as shown in the unedited version of the video.) As due process, his actions are being reviewed before a court. His is on suspension until he gets cleared of wrong doing.

Unfortunately, the main-stream-media has attained this video and edited out the part where the suspect attempted to punch the officer. What these morons didn't realized was that the original footage showing the attack is playing in the background behind the reporter as she prattles on about the mean officer.

Please view it for yourself then, if you have the time, leave a comment on the youtube video in favor of Officer Berry. He has not had his trial yet so any support should work in his favor.


I know Officer Berry personally and would trust him with my childrens' lives. Those of you who know me (in real-world or bloggerdom) know how I feel about family. We need officers like him on the streets.

What you can do:

1) Watch the video for yourself and see how calm Off. Berry was initally (showing he was not in an angry mood initially). See the unedited footage in the background showing the suspect attempting to punch Officer Berry before he ever did anything.

2) Thumb up the comments that are honest and positive in Officer Berry's defense to they stay at the TOP of the comment screen. There will always be idiot spammers that talk trash on comments and we need to keep the positive comments above those. You can do this by clicking the Thumbs Up button and "like" the comment.

3) Thumb down the rediculous comments, using your own judgement.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help my friend...Officer Berry.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't forget to vote.

Two more hours left on my night shift then it is time to go vote. I have already googled to find my local voting poll. I think I'll join up with Wifey and take some of the kids along so they can see the process.