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Oct 14, 2013


Trying out some fresh fruit and almond milk. I always thought almond milk was kind of expensive and therefore never purchased it. Now, with the ability to purchase food at work with the swipe of a badge and it comes out of my next paycheck, I don't see the amount so much. Is that smart? No. But am I worth a few bucks to try to get healthy for my future and my family? Yes.

Me: "This morning I'm having fresh fruit, an apple, two boiled eggs and some almond milk. Shazam!" (That means I think I'm doing really well.)

Gary: "Not bad. You need a grain though or you're going to get hungry quick. Oats or Ezekiel bread would be good. The almond milk is probably okay although the "other natural flavors" could be twisted. Could literally be beaver butt...that's natural after all."

Me: "Mmmm...beaver butt...."


Taking a stab at a healthy least, I think it's healthy.

Me: "Salad for lunch with dehydrated cranberries and apples, non iceberg lettuce of various types, hard boiled egg, grilled chicken breast of unknown origin, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sun dried tomato dressing and broccoli with soy milk. I ditched the questionable almond milk. Score!"

Gary: "Looking pretty good but I'm learning to avoid soy all tofether becuase apparently it produces a false estrogen. If you have any family history of cancer it's probably better just to avoid it. Also, who wants man can mess with your hormones somewhat."

Me: "Copy that."

Gary: (Clearly catching on that I am trying everything BUT water) "Say it with me; Drink water! A gallon a day. If you drink that you won't have room for the other drinks."

Me: "Wuh...wuh...water...watermelon flavored cherry cola! Doh!"


October 15th, 2014


Me: " What do you have for breakfast?"

Gary: "I add 3 tablespoons of an unflavored hemp based protein and another vegetable based protein to 1 cup of milk. Along with about 1.8th cup of germinated chia seed and 2-3 tablespoons of raw help seed. I call it The Brown Monster. It's about 50-60 grams of protein and lots of fiber, omega 3 & 6. It's probably a little over 500 calories. Plus a banana and sometimes a cup of oatmeal with no milk or sugar...maybe cinnamon and raisins or blueberries. And a cup and a half coffee. I'll usually eat a small handful of carrot sticks too. During the week, that's my normal routine."

Me: "Wow. okay. Well, this morning I had a a similar breakfast as yesterday: fruit, hardboiled eggs, an apple and water."


Me: "steak salad, pumpkin / sunflower seeds, carrots, eggs, light vinegar and oil and bottle of juice." I'm still avoiding water.

Gary: "That juice is full of sugar!!!!!" (literally five exclamation points, I'm in the dog house now.) "Other than that, not bad. Water, water, water."

Me: "Bah!"

Gary: "Glucose levels need to stay even. Sugary liquids spikes those levels and facilitate fat production  and storage. You wanna drop fat then this is key."

Me: "Fine. I threw 3/4 of the jug away."

I threw away this  much.

Me: "Can I have stevia, can sugar or any of the natural sugars?"

Gary: "No refined white sugar or flour. Raw pure stevia or a clean stevia blend (send me a pic of a label if you've got one in mind). Many "stevia" products use a chemical process to get stevia extract then they couple this with a GMO chemical sweetener and market it as healthy...f***ing punks. If you just have to have sugar I recommend pure whole crystal sugar or coconut sugar (just as sweet but for some reason it only registers half the glycemic index. I'll shoot you pics of the labels. Also salt. I'll send you a pic of that. some raw fruit if you want something sweet. You've got to "reboot" your sense of sweet and salty. It'll happen over time and then you'll be amazed at how much you used to put in your food. Oh yeah...and drink water."

Me: "Can you get that on Amazon?"

Gary: "Probably. We order most of this from Azure Standard. They're a bulk healthy/organic supplier. It's a once a month drop ordre. You can also order from Vitacost...drink water."


October 16, 2013

Me: "I missed breakfast (meetings) so snatched two hardboiled eggs on the way past the cafe."


Me: "Chicken and rice, same seeds (pumpkin/sunflower), jalepenos and water.

Gary: "Yahoo!!!!"

Me: "Yahoo cause of what i ate of the water? Is the rice bad?"

Gary: "The water! That chicken looks breaded...if so that's a no no. NO FRIED. White rice is not good. it's an empty calorie. stripped of its bran and endosperm, so no nutrition.  If it's Asian rice there are no regulations and it's mostly watered with raw sewage. Also contains lots of heavy metals. If it's US domestic it may be contaminated with rice from unauthorized GMO trials and US rice has a high concentration of arsenic. Though I've personally not researched whether or not it's organic arsenic that occurs naturally like apples and many other plants...or the bad s**t. Since it's high levels, I tend to be wary... Especially given the low standards of most commercial producers. Whole grain rice, brown and wild rice...quinoa, bulgar wheat (tabouli) or couscous (if it's whole wheat and organic) otherwise it's just processed white flour and sugar...worse than worthless. Hope that helps."


October 17, 2013


Fruits, banana, egg and water. I'm starting to cut back on volume because I'm realizing it just doesn't take as much as I thought to fill up. All I sent Gary was the picture.

Gary: "Breakfast? Looking much better...won't last long i the belly grain."


Me: "mahi mahi salad, same toppings as usual + cheese cubes. Oh, and water." (I love cheese.)

Gary: "My lunch today: 4 scrambled eggs, tomatoes, grapes, pecans, raw carrots and broccoli with a small piece of a multigrain (whole grain) bread...and water."

Me: "You're big on eggs, huh?"

Gary: "Pastured chicken eggs, fresh off the farm...yes sir. Lots of eggs, chicken, fish, beans, and nuts. I try to eat at least 100 grams of lean protein a day. I prefer 150-170 grams per day."

Me: "What about soups?" I got hungry and made an extra trip to the cafe. Standard vegetable and beef soup with carrots, onions and corn.

Gary: "Homemade soups yes. Processed soup NO."


  1. This is really interesting. I'm guessing your friend has a high activity level, going by his meal.

  2. I second the WATER!!!! After you (and your family) get off the sodas you will notice better health, better temperament, better sleep, better dental checkups....more $ in your pocket. Bring your water in a container from home and pay yourself. Get those chickens and bring your own eggs and veges. Nothing tastes as good as what you make at home.
    Another thing I second is Azure. Get the carrots. There are only 3 of us (well, four counting the dog, who also eats carrots) and I often buy the 20 (or is it 25) lb bag. They are THAT good. Organic, crisp, sweet.
    I am proud of you for taking these steps. You are important to your family and if your efforts cost a little more up front, there will be savings in the end. We have just about eliminated spending on any "eating out", bottled water, snacks. Just look at what's in that stuff, it's frightening. I also agree about the soy. You will be surprised how difficult it is to eliminate some things from your diet, like corn and soy (I also can't have wheat, barley or oats due to food allergies) because they are in everything. We don't have any canned tomato soup in our house, because it's all thickened with wheat. I just make my own and it's better and better not only for me, but for my family.
    Well, I've rambled on and on and I really just want to commend you for what you are doing for yourself and your loved ones. Good for you.

  3. I highly recommend buying the books Grain Brain and Grain Brain cookbook by William Davis, MD. It had an almost immediate effect on my wife & I.


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