Monday, October 25, 2010

Grow Corn Grow!

The joy we get from watching our first REAL attempt at a garden is growing every week. Our transplanted tomatoes and peppers are growing nicely and producing regularly. The corn, seen in the middle of my picture, sure seems to be taking its sweet time though.

I'm not sure about the whole "cross pollinating" theory but we planted two rows of corn and hopefully they can pollinate each other. The stalks sure look handsome as they climb toward the sun and the vibrant green color is encouraging.

I've routinely tossed in some diatomaceous earth to stave off the little critters (only because they were nibbling away at the leaves.) Sure, they might be healthy for a garden but I just don't feel like sharing yet.

Our peas are growing slowly but steady and I've rigged up a little rope trellace for them to climb. I read that they need to get up off the ground and spread out so I intertwined them between zigzags of rope stretching back and forth across the width of the garden.

The cabbage, by far, is the biggest producer and I'm not sure what all we will do with it. Salads and quiches are about all I've heard about using them for so suggestions are gladly accepted.