My Medicine

Over the years, I have worked in many settings: Emergency Rooms, Telemetry Floors, Med Surg Floors, ICU/STICU/NICU/PACU Units, Pediatric Floors, Bariatric Floors, Rehab Floors, Prison/Inmate Floors, Psychiatric Units, Orthopaedic Floors, Skilled Nursing Facilities (Long Term Critical Care), Nursing Homes, Urgent Care Centers, and Out Patient Centers.

I have been schooled/trained in the following medical fields:
Radiography, Computed Tomography, Ultrasonography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, PACS Super User/Admin, PICC Certified, Phlebotomy and EMT.

I have found certain medications that work better than all others for certain symptoms. I'll post them here. Remember, everyone is different so they may or may not work for you and I am not a doctor.

Nasal Decongestant:

Afrin = Yes, it works very well!
For the days when I feel like my head will explode or I have a shopping cart full of tissue shoved up my nose, this stuff clears me out within ten minutes. No joke. Ten minutes and my sinuses are clear. I've heard it can become addicting but I haven't had any issues/withdrawals. I would imagine its all about using it in moderation.
Tip: if I am REALLY stuffy, I lay my head back and literally drip this stuff down each nostril. I may taste the nastiness running down the back of my throat but again, within ten minutes my sinuses are clear.
Tip: if I use this while sick, I make sure to clean/disinfect the bottle when illness subsides. I'm pretty sure I've brought back some ugliness by using an Afrin bottle that hadn't been cleaned since the last illness. I used it for simply stuffy nose symptoms and almost ended up with the prior cold/flu thing.

Netty Pot = didn't work for me but Wifey had good results. Don't overlook the bad press from using tap water (could get a brain infection and die). Use only distilled water. It didn't feel natural to me. It made me feel like I was drowning when I tried to use it. I'll stick with the Afrin.

Sore Throat:

Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops = Yes, it works very well!
Ricola Cough Drops, Natural Herb , 21 Drops (Pack of 12)
Anytime I even BEGIN to feel a scratchy/itchy/sore throat coming on, I start taking these.  I usually have two bags on hand at any time.  I carry one bag in my shoulder bag all the time. I think they taste good and based on how many my kids eat if I leave them sitting out, they like them too. I'm not sure if the other flavors work. I've read over the years that key soothing ingredients are honey, elder, horehound, hyssop, peppermint, and thyme. These are some of the ingredients in Ricola. I don't leave home without it. Works every time I get a sore throat.

TheraFlu hot drinks = Yes, works very well!
Theraflu Severe Cold & Cough, Nighttime, Honey Lemon Infused with Chamomile & White Tea Flavors, 6 ct.
This is what I used before I found Ricola. I only had good results with the yellow pouch containing Honey Lemon flavor. I warm up a coffee mug full of water then add a packet of this TheraFlu.  It doesn't taste that great but it works. On a cold day, it's a bonus to hold the mug too. I carry this in my shoulder bag as well. It doesn't take up much space.


Ibuprophen = Yes, works very well!
Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen 200mg,500-Count, (Pack of 2)
At 270-280lbs, I tend to take 1000mg when my headaches get bad. During some cold seasons, I've had to take it up to three times a day to fight off a bad headache. I truly don't know the difference between headache and migraine so I'll just call them headaches. When I feel one coming on (even subtly) I take 800-1000mg of tablet ibuprofen. If it comes on real fast or I wake up with a real doozie, I'll take the same dose but in a gel cap AND I BITE THE GEL CAP OPEN BEFORE SWALLOWING. Sure, tastes like crap but it goes to work VERY fast. When you're in the throes of a bad headache, the quicker the relief, the better.

Tip: I don't care who makes it. Ibuprophen is ibuprofen. I buy the cheapest bottle. I stock it in my bug out bag, my food storage, and my shoulder bag. I even have it in my Jeep glovebox.
Tip: When my ibuprofen stops working or doesn't work after a third dose, I mix in Tylenol and/or Excedrin. I haven't perfected that dosage yet but something in that combination works when straight Ibuprophen doesn't.

Sleep Aid

Melatonin = Yes, works very well!
Nature's Bounty Melatonin, 3 mg, 240 Tablets
See my post here about the details.

Appetite Suppressant / Energy

Phentermine = Yes, works very well!

This is available by prescription only. I have had VERY conservative LDS Emergency Room physicians tell me this stuff is harmless. It has been used for years and has little to no side effects. I use it to curb my appetite and increase my mental alertness/energy on the night shift.