Friday, November 25, 2022

Ye 'Ol Blogger Platform Still Works 2022

It is the day after Thanksgiving, 2022. 

All the women are out looking for Black Friday deals that they just can't live without. 


Enjoying some solitude in the homestead. 

An early beginning to a long weekend for me. I look forward to relaxing and considering what 2023 has in store. I will soon begin the whimsical task of penning resolutions for the coming year. 

 They are whimsical in that they almost seem more like pennies thrown into a wishing well. 

Oh, I do want them to come true. But so many things that lead to greater outcomes require even greater effort. And while it is easy to conjure up all the improvements I would like to see in 2023, experience tells me only the most important on the list will be completed. 

Outside forces often block our road to success on many avenues. 

With that, my effort to provide just one more post to this old blog concludes. 

To all my old friends still blogging away, thank you. I still enjoy reading your thoughts, albeit irregularly.