Friday, October 31, 2014

Yet Another Walmart Fail

Wifey had her mom's birthday cake made at Walmart today.  It wasn't ordered as a rush order.  It didn't have any difficult words,  designs nor decorations.  Yet Walmart screwed it up.

They should strike for more money like the fast food folks... they deserve it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trunk or Treat - Community Building

Treats abound
It's the time of year when our church has Halloween events and one of our kids' favorites is the annual Trunk or Treat.  Basically everyone meets at the church and parks their cars in such a manner that all of the vehicles' trunks face towards each other in a big circle. 

Then we trick out the trunk space of our cars with Halloween decorations. As the event begins,  we hang out in or near our trunks as all the children do the traditional trick or treating by going car to car and saying "Trunk or Treat!" 

Face painting
We hand out candy treats until our cache runs dry and the event ends.  

This year we had an indoor festival of sorts inside the church prior to the outdoor event. There was a cake walk,  photo booths,  craft tables,  bean bag toss,  and face painting.  I  stood by with pride as I watched my three older girls take command of the face painting table. 

It was an enjoyable evening with an opportunity to mingle with like-minded neighbors and the whole family had a great time. 

The Queen and Flower

Wifey with Flower and Monster


Sunday, October 26, 2014

One Egg... Two Yolks

Just sharing an unusual event at our house.  One of our chickens seems to be only capable of laying one giant egg every few days.  It is much larger than our other eggs and always has two yolks. 

Have you guys seen this before?

 If I bought an incubator,  would this large egg hatch two chicks?

Much larger

...with two yolks!
 Doesn't look like the video below is working quite right so I did some screenshots of the size and double yolks.


Friday, October 24, 2014

You Have to Pay to Pee in California.

Time to head back home to Arizona.  We are now at our third stop looking for a restroom where we do not have to pay to use the facilities.

First, we stopped at a Subway to have some sandwiches. We ask to use the restroom and they told us they did not have one. The only restroom in the shopping center was in the pizza place next door. Wifey walked over there with some of our girls and was told it was 50 cents per person to use the restroom.

As we headed out of town we stopped at the nearest Jack in the Box. Wifey again took some children into the store and found out again you have to pay to use the restroom.

Now on our third attempt, the family has walked into the CVS Pharmacy to look for a restroom where you do not have to pay to relieve yourself.

California is so far gone you could not pay me enough to live here.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tie-dyed Disneyland Family Shirts

Wifey has done these for past visits but we lost thm in our house fire. Having everyone in similar shirts makes it much easier to identify everyone in a moment's notice.

I also attempted some panoramic pictures from the viewpoint of rider's seat on a few different Disneyland rides.

Thunder Mountain Railroad panoramic photo
Pirates of the Caribbean (inside the ride) panoramic photo
ESPN Zone serves you while sitting in a recliner watching sports
And who could pass up plinking away at the old western shooting range...

Macky sporting her master plinking skills.
Today is our last day at the park. We'll be loading up the van tonight and driving back tomorrow.