Monday, May 16, 2016

An Unbelievable Legacy

Friday, January 8, 2016

Best Thanksgiving and Christmas Ever

Sis at her Junior prom in 2015. (Steady boyfriend too!)
I should have been asleep by now but Wifey is watching YouTube videos with Macky in my bed and having a roaring good time. One of those late night guys doing silly skits or something. We killed the cable/satellite years ago in Mesa. It was such a blessing.

Now that we live in southern Idaho and no longer have the mother-in-law living with us (can I get an AMEN?!) we an enjoy our home in its beautiful surroundings. We're in a lovely little town not too far from Twin Falls and are slowly getting used to Idaho weather.

Right now we're in a fog warning and I shared a WeatherChannel warning that says we can expect to see no farther than 100 yards. Snow, fog, rain...I'll take it. That heat back in Mesa, Arizona was such a drain on everything: car batteries, VHS tapes left in the backseat, my behind on a leather driver's seat. No thanks.

Community events every other weekend in rural Idaho 
Bring me the snow and I'm happy. I post pictures of snow and family in Arizona replies with a chuckle as if to say "ha ha, sucker." Joke's on them. I love this stuff. Along with the snow comes low crime, no pollution and a small town atmosphere that boasts of community spirit and knowing your neighbors.

I've taken a small break from blogging even though it is something I love to do. Writing has been enjoyable for me every since I took Writing for the Professions at Arizona State and had a wonderful woman teach me the joys of writing.

These days, along with my 8-5 job in town, I'm keeping my toes in the ecommerce world by dabbling in arbitrage. If you aren't familiar with the word, give it a google. These days it is super easy to sell a widget to any corner of the world. You don't even have to own the widget to sell it. You can post an advertisement about the widget and could end up selling it to someone half way around the globe.

Sister's 18th birthday (+ beau) and all 5 sisters going to lunch.
I'm enjoying eBay and Amazon at the moment. I pick items from Amazon and post them on my eBay account. I mark it up a few percentage points and "dropship" the item straight from Amazon to the eBay buyer. With the right software, you can automate the whole thing. All that is left is responding to customer questions and at the moment, I have that task farmed out to a fella in Bangladesh.

Anyway, I just thought I'd hop on here and drop some thoughts. I don't expect many of my old blogger friends to be around much any more. Not sure if blogger is still something many folks do or if everyone has moved on to new adventures.

Thanksgiving in our new home = best year ever. 
If you do stop by and read a few words, try to leave a comment and say hello. The notification should still go to my cell phone and it would brighten my day to hear from some of my old blogger friends. Let's see who's still out there...


PS. I finally got to play Santa Claus this year. I rented a suit for an employee Christmas meal and handed out trays with a peer at work. Since I had the suit for the whole day, I took it home and had Wifey drive me around to about five neighborhood houses. We stopped at church members' houses who had little children. I don't know who was having more fun...the kids or me.

Parents happily reported that many a chore was completed for the next week thanks to a visit from Santa.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

No Post in Eight Weeks

Wow,  has it been that long? We've been busy enjoying life (finally).  Idaho has turned to out be everything we've been looking for in an American Redoubt community.

Sis is a cheerleader for her high school.  She's finishing up her first 4H project (Hercules,  her swine).  She was elected Honor Queen of her Job's Daughters Bethel.  She is in the high school choir and drama club and has her first official,  father approved boyfriend. She turned 18 last Saturday. I've never seen her so happy and involved.  She started off her birthday by not doing just one act of service but TWO!  From 8-10am she served at our local church Temple and from 10-12 she cleaned the fairgrounds with her 4H club. #ProudDad

Macky is finishing up her 4H swine project too.  She's looking forward to track season as she seems to have a knack for throwing discus and shot put.  She submitted her short story to Deseret Publishing but was turned down.  Now she is tweaking her book in hopes of making it just a little bit better. She is very interested in criminal investigation and crime lab stuff.  Like looking at blood splatter on a wall and determining the angle and trajectory from where it originated. She was also nominated Outer Guard by her Bethel.

The Queen is starting freshman year and made the cheer team with Sis.  She's as pretty as ever and super excited that the nearest town now has an Ulta (makeup store).  Her 4H swine is named Queenie and likes to eat dead mice. She enjoys church socials and dances and is having a great time in her elected position as Junior Princess in Job's.  She gives me near daily hugs now without me even age 14!

Boo is the most involved with her swine and enjoys walking "Bacon"  around the pasture. She is a Jobie to Bee and attends all the parades and stuff with her big Sisters.  She helps me feed the chickens,  swine and Lucky and is really into animals. 

Running out of phone battery.  Will complete post later tonight.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

SurvivalBlog Appears to be Down Again 2015

Update: SB appears to be up again. Not sure if I just experienced a glitch or not. Glad to see it back nonetheless.

Also, the Swedish server appears to be nixed and replaced with the following, albeit still under construction:


I intended to re-read a recent article about the recent decisions of our Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Unfortunately, SB seems to be down again. In the past, Rawles gets hacked on extended weekends by hackers that know he will have an extended period of time when his server will be unattended. Last I checked, Rawles does not have a server in his home and is dependent on commercial servers.

These companies tend to staff lightly (if at all) on holidays like most other American companies. He did have a server in Sweden last I checked so I would think that it would be up. However, neither of the IP addresses I have on file are working at the moment:

Please bookmark both of SurvivalBlog's servers: [U.S. Server] [Swedish Server]
One or both of them may go down.

 My guess that this is the same DoS attack he tolerates every year and if we wait 24 hours, we'll probably hear something from him.

 It is Sunday, so enjoy some time with your families.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Own TV Series!

The producers of Gold Rush interviewed us this morning.
I know, it's silly...but we did an interview this morning for it. A production company in London called RAW TV has interviewed our family to potentially be in a short tv series on living the self-sufficient lifestyle.

Apparently this is a popular thing across the pond right now? I guess you can say America is kind of waking up to the idea too. For several years now we've been trying to move farther away from the big city and closer to rural America.

We were tired of the crime and pollution...the 90 minute commute time to work (one way!)...and all the other joys that come with living in an overpopulated area. So we moved from Arizona to rural Idaho.

My children now ride their bikes on a private dirt road that has but one other house on it besides mine. We have enough land that we can grow as much food as we want and raise several animals. We currently have around 27 chickens (lost five last weekend to Lucky) and 5 pigs. We've planted six fruit trees and one of our apple trees has popped out three little baby apples (we're SO excited!).

Anyway, this film company thought this was all very interesting and of course my girls thought that having their own reality show would be a hoot. It would be nice to offer something to the American public that was a total polar shift from the Kardashian junk on the tube now.

So what do you think? Would you do a tv show if asked?

Let me know in the comment section...if there is anybody left out there.