Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola and Disneyland!

It's been one... crappy.. long... year for our family but things are getting better.  October 26th will be the one year anniversary for our house fire and rather than sitting around our rental house and thinking about it.. I'm taking my family to Disneyland. 

We've saved up all year by eating homemade chicken noodle soup ($6 feeds 8 people) and other inexpensive homemade meals.  I should admit to an occasional Sam's Club dinner where giant hotdogs with a soda are only $1.50 per person.

Nevertheless,  by the skin of our teeth,  we are going and it will be our first family vacation in four years.  For Team Bravo (our three little ones) this will be their first time to Disneyland.  Team Alpha (now high schoolers)  remember past trips and are SUPER excited.

Now,  let's just hope ebola doesn't beat us there.  After all,  Disneyland is one giant mixing bowl of germs from all over the world and everybody touches the same stuff...


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Buzz at my Hospital

I'm starting to hear a lot of chatter about ebola at my hospital.  Two weeks ago they held an educational seminar about viruses in general (which focused on ebola). Then I read in the local newspaper how we were planning for the possibility of receiving ebola patients (as a precaution). 

The buzz is getting louder.  What do you guys/gals think? Are you concerned?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home Business - Dillon Ammo Reloader 650

I've been interested in reloading for several years. A friend from work has both the Dillon 550 & 650 at his house.  He offered to show me how both work in an attempt to help me make a decision on a future purchase.


I found the 650 to be quite comfortable to use. I found out that there is an 1150 model which lends itself more to mass producing on a small business scale but the warranty isn't as good as the smaller models.

I'm interested in casting my own lead bullets too.

Do you have experience or comments in this arena?


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Garden Boxes from Pallets and Hoop Garden

Hoop garden skeleton frame
I spent some quality time in the backyard today. Lots to think about and working with my hands seems to help. I had already taken multiple pallets apart to supply enough planks for two 3x3 raised bed garden boxes.

I flipped them over and used more planks to cover the bottom. I filled them with pine needles since there's an abundance on the ground. I used them mostly to fill in the cracks on the bottom of the boxes. Then I mixed in some of the coffee grounds I was collecting from the coffee cart at work. They just throw away all of their grounds so I figured I'd bring some home. I know it makes the soil very acidic so I won't use very much.

Free pallet wood makes me happy happy happy.
I filled the garden boxes about 1/3 full and plan on putting soil from the chicken coop in the rest. That soil will be mixed with plenty of chicken manure and should be a nice medium to experiment with during the next growing season.

I drove some rebar in the ground and bent some 3/4" pvc pipe to meet at the apex using a 45 degree elbow.  Right now, I'm just building a mock-up of the structure. When I get everything in place, I'll take it apart and glue it all for strength.

Dried pine needles and coffee grounds
I'd like to think I could put a heat lamp under the cover of the hoop garden and try to grow something over the winter months.

Anybody know of anything that can be grown in Nov/Dec/Jan just for fun?


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Any Thoughts on Twin Falls Idaho?

As Wifey and I continue to research a location for our perfect homestead in the future,  we were told how wonderful Twin Falls can be for liberty minded homesteaders like us.

But we've never been to Idaho.  I was wondering if any of you have input on this topic?