Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lowest Price Ever: Life Straw Personal Water Filter

Every BOB (Bug Out Bag) or preparedness minded person should have several of these. These little straws, if you don't know already, can filter all the uglies out of water and make it drinkable. They are highly portable, are simple to use and cost very little.

Historically, these little life savers run around $20 plus shipping. Right now, there are 25% off with FREE shipping. According to a data tracking website (camelcamelcamel), this is the lowest these have ever been at just $14.99 with free shipping.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon
 Stock up on some Life Straws. All the information you need about these is located a the link I gave above.


Mello Mike said...

That is a great price! Thanks for sharing!

Matt Johnson said...

I bought 4 thanks! That is an awesome price and I've been looking to buy anyway. Do you get credit when someone buys through the link you provided? Hope so.

madmaddy said...

Christmas gifts!! Lol, I did buy a couple, they work great. Took one to the coast (Oregon) last summer and used in one of the county campgrounds that has sketchy water, really did its job.

Kevin said...

This was a great price for these little filters. I had been looking at these at the local stores, and the are a little more pricey at the stores that here. I never thought of getting these water filters online, but I guess this would be the best way to go about it. I think I will wait to see if they go on sale again.

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Anonymous said...

Price seems to have gone back up to $19.95....

OrangeJeepDad said...

Yep. These deals typically last 24 or until they sell out. .. whichever comes first.

Anonymous said...

Hope you and yours are okay...Miss reading updates. Merry Christmas!

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