Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Low Price Christmas Alert - Daisy BB Gun Rifle

Has only been cheaper one other time.
I have shared these deals before and this one could be helpful to many of you. This is a low price alert that I get from my deal websites that send me email alerts when an item on my Amazon Wish List goes on sale.

The item is at it's lowest price (except for one other time) than it has been in atleast six months (see chart from CamelCamelCamel) to the right.

I have bought one for my girls and they love it. The rooster...not so much.

Daisy Outdoor Products Pink Fun Kit

 which includes the infamous pink daisy bb gun rifle, a pack of BBs, safety glasses and target cards.

This kit is at the lowest price it has been in the past in six months so now is a great time to buy.
Hope it helps someone out there.

Oh, there is one in black/brown for the boys here but it is about $10 more expensive (that's the regular price). Heck, for that much, I'd just buy the pink one and paint it ;-)



Dizzy-Dick said...

Good for training in gun handling and safety.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's great for training. Love it when I see parents who teach their children well about firearms and all. Will share this to others as well. It will surely help. Thank you for posting.

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