Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Made My Day...So I'm Sharing with You.

I had to share this one. While Wifey and I were doing our bimonthly grocery shopping yesterday with the whole family, I saw something hilarious.

We've all seen it. You go somewhere public and need to park your car but you see some Jack Wagon has taken up two or more spaces with his/her precious car. You think to yourself, "What a Jack Wad" and you wish there was some way you could give that person a piece of your mind, right?

Well, I think I've found a terrific way to let off a little steam and give the jerk the attention they so earnestly deserve...


Now, it loses some of it's glory in this picture because the offending party's car is no longer parked all crooked. But you can clearly see the jumbo chalk silhouette lines that at one point must have outlined how crooked the car parked, taking up two parking spots. I had to take a picture for you guys. This made my day.

Macky shared another alternative: carry the washable car shoe polish/paint in your car that some folks use to write "Just Married" or "Happy Birthday" on their friends' cars. Then, when you come across one of these parking hogs, use your paint stick to draw the actual parking division lines right smack down the car...wherever those lines should be. The final product will be a car with two lines running down the length of the vehicle to indicate how much into the adjacent parking spots that the jack wagon actually is.

Regardless, maybe this jerk learned his/her lesson?



  1. Nobody likes the people who park like that.

  2. Dizzy - that's why I took such joy when I saw someone acted out in anger against this jack wagon. It frustrates all of us. Usually, it's perpetrated by some idiot who spent $90,000 on a glorified tonka truck or rediculously expensive BMW.

    Wifey just kissed a shopping cart in a parking lot a few days ago and it left a two inch white scratch about four feet long down the side of our green family van. Did I care? Nope. Cause I only paid a few thousand dollars for it.

  3. My vehicles are for being used, not put on a pedestal.

  4. I drive a big diesel truck that doesn't fit into compact parking spaces. I live in a large city that loves compact parking. Lots of times I have no choice but to take two spots. I park as far away from the door of the store as possible and only take two if there are lots of other spots available. I don't ever want to do take the last two spots. If I can't follow those self imposed rules I don't stop at that store. I sure understand the frustration others have with taking two spots though.

  5. We lived in Wyoming for 16 years; we also own a Lance pickup camper that is 11.5 feet long. Our truck we use for this is a Dodge dually. We paid $42,000 for it, cash (our savings) it wasn't a vanity purchase. It was a huge deal to us, as we had a daughter with a broken back in a molded body brace; she literally had to be hauled from point A to B, horizontally and we had four other kids at home and an adult one that visited when she could. We parked in the boonies, but thankfully the parking lots in Wyoming tend to be large with spacious spaces because the businesses know that ranchers, cowboys, rodeo contestants and people like us need big spaces; big trucks are the norm. Never parked over the lines, unless we were on the perimeter and had the horse trailer behind us.
    We moved to Idaho. No cowboys, no big rigs. Our truck is almost impossible to park without the camper on it without getting really really close to the lines. We will never sell this rig as it's purchase is only justified by keeping and using it until we literally can't get in it.
    I took the big rig to Home Depot the other day. It was with a sense of dread that I tried to park that thing in the lot with compact car sized spaces. Who drives a itty, bitty rig to the HD? I needed 32 sheets of OSB, so I didn't have a choice. Both fenders of the duals were really close to the line but I parked at the end of the row with no other car beside me.
    I've witnessed what your picture shows. However, the car in front of the rig sticking out had pulled way over the line and there wasn't a spot left in the lot. I understand frustration, but it seems that so many people are letting little things bother them lately. It's really freeing to let it go.
    I think putting the polish on a strangers vehicle sounds funny but you never know what kind of day they had. Three weeks ago, I got a call that my mother was in ICU, 1800 miles away. I had lived in this new location less than 30 days and didn't know anyone that wasn't going elk hunting that would be around to feed/water my chickens and horse. Faced with taking Noah's Ark back to WY, then traveling on to see my mother, I am sure I parked in disregard to the lines at the post office while getting my mail shut off, at the store where I picked up some road food (we don't keep quick eats in the house) and am positive I parked crazy at the vets where I took the horse to get a health inspection so I could get her across state lines.
    Just food for thought.


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