Friday, January 28, 2011 tummy hurts! Acute Appendicitis

Another unusual CT Scan today (for me anyway). A 10 year old boy came in with his father complaining of RLQ pain (right lower quadrant). This can be a sign of problems with the appendix and normal Emergency Room protocol demands a CT Scan of the Abdomen&Pelvis with Oral and IV contrast.

I've attached the axial (cross-sectional) image of his pelvis. The little worm or snail looking thing (as my wife calls it) in the upper left corner is his highly enlarged appendix.

Little man was transferred out of our facility to a more appropriate children's facility where I'm sure he had it removed by morning.

My ER Physician that evening was also a surgeon and he stated that in all his years in surgery, he'd never seen an appendix look like that one.

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