Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Passing Hello

A quick entry into my dusty blog to say hello to my fellow bloggers.  Life is moving swiftly on my end as I work feverishly to keep up. Kids are all flourishing and enjoying school (gasp!)  Wifey is sewing her fingers to the bone getting ready for Christmas as we've promised to give only handmade goodies to family this year.  I am working twice as hard, or so it seems, at my hospitals to perform my regular duties and a few new ones.

I'm still watching all that is going on around us in this crazy world.  I'm not sure I believe the true nature of the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Seeing Michael Moore and Al Gore attend some OWS rallies put them under scrutiny in my eyes.  Now Drudge says good 'ol ACORN is involved in another OWS movement.  I am still shocked at what they got away with (electing Obama with all their voter fraud).

Gerald Celente still proves to be a terrific indicator of what is happening now and what to expect in the future.  I have been an active (paid) subscriber of his now for three years.  He has helped me to "see the light" on the need for preparedness and is one of the people that spurred me to start becoming prepared.  His warnings led me to Survivalblog and the rest is history. (Of course, this coincided with my joining the LDS church who, as most know, are HUGE on preparedness).

I still have enough food to provide about a year's worth of nutrition for my family.  I haven't begun to plant crops for this season and I'm not sure if I'm too late now.  We are finally getting a cold spell in central Arizona. I'll have to look at my charts and see if my fellow bloggers have any advice (!) ;-)

Just about everything that can break breaking down mechanically right now.  Toilets, sinks, garbage disposal, radiator, catalytic converter, oil leaks x 2, my Crown Berkey (sob), refridgerator.  The rewards of actually keeping assets instead of renting them has caught up to me.  My ten year old house, and all appliances that came with it, is crumbling (or so it seems.)  Both vehicles are in serious need of repair.

Such is life. How are ya'll?



  1. Good to hear all is mostly well with you and yours. We still continue our preprs too. Life isn't for wimps, is it...take care.

  2. We're pretty much in the same boat. If we're not saving to buy it (deep freeze), we're saving to replace or repair it (30 yr roof is pushing 40 so I'm saving, saving, saving ...and we just put two tires on one vehicle, with the other six showing significant wear).

    Such is life. You have your health and your family is happy and thriving AND you have about a year's worth of food put back ...I'd say you're in pretty darn good shape!

    : )

  3. Hmmm... forgot what grow zone you are in! Freezes in your area?

    Desert winter garden.. the cool season crops are what you are aiming for right now. Peas, kale, radishes, etc.

    You may be slightly off on the timing if I am guessing your location right (have you had frosts?) Any chance you have an idea of the soil temperatures?

    At about 50 degrees soil temp is good for peas, carrots, radishes, etc. to sprout. Peas can handle being snowed on when the plants are younger. If you are planning on putting in heavy feeding crops for the warm season, you can go heavier on planting peas this winter. They are nitrogen fixing plants.. as well the young shoots can be cut off and sauteed up as a green veggie.

    AZ is one of those lovely states where the grow zone map no longer is boring bands of colors... and instead looks like an oil slick on water. lol

    Here's a link to help target your grow zone..

  4. Also this is an excellent AZ guide for veggies


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