Sunday, March 17, 2013

Joel Skousen Survives Plane Crash

The Glasair I - Pic courtesy of
 Known world-wide as one of the founding fathers of the modern preparedness movement, Joel Skousen has survived a crash in his Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair I aircraft.  The Glasair is a homebuilt, two-seat kitplane built from fiberglass.

Skousen was returning from a business trip in Las Vegas to his hometown of Orem, Utah when his plane had a  problem with the flow of fuel, causing the engine to stall, according to Spanish Fork Police Lt. Matt Johnson. 

I first came across Joel as he was being interviewed by Alex Jones on Jones' YouTube Channel.  Joel is the author of a book I HIGHLY recommend titled Strategic Relocation: A North American Guide to Safe Places. This book is as valuable for detailed information on relocation and survival as the Reader's Digest Back to Basics book. If you've read the RD book, you know how valuable it is.

Being a fighter pilot from the Vietnam era, Joel has logged countless hours of flight time and appearantly it served him well during this recent ordeal.  Judging by the look of his plane post-crash, I'm surprised that all he ended up with was a head laceration. More pics of his crashed plane here.

Joel is interesting to listen to because of not just what he does...but who he does it for. You see, Joel is, among other things, an expert on designing high security homes and retreats. Add to that the fact that he builds them for people ranging from the average Joe to government officials high up the command chain and this gives an interesting twist to what Joel knows.

According to Joel (in his interviews), he has been building underground bunkers for people in high military command with the prerequisite that they be nuclear bomb proof. Because of this, Joel whole-heartedly believes that a nuclear war on American soil is imminent. He explains how it will happen and why our government will let the first wave of bombs land on Americans in this video (Part One, Part Two, and Part 3). I have watched it several times.

As a former Chairman of the CNC in Washington D.C., Joel knows a lot of government and military people that are high ranking. He speaks very intelligently about the topics he discusses and I recommend taking some time to see what he has to say.



  1. I bought his Strategic Relocation book when it first came out. The only place I could find it was through the Alex Jones website. It has a ton of valuable information in it.

  2. I've never heard of him but I did pass on the video links to my husband. He'll be interested.

  3. that must have been tragic but i do hope your able to pick up the pieces and come up with something even better.That should not dampen you spirit.


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