Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Own TV Series!

The producers of Gold Rush interviewed us this morning.
I know, it's silly...but we did an interview this morning for it. A production company in London called RAW TV has interviewed our family to potentially be in a short tv series on living the self-sufficient lifestyle.

Apparently this is a popular thing across the pond right now? I guess you can say America is kind of waking up to the idea too. For several years now we've been trying to move farther away from the big city and closer to rural America.

We were tired of the crime and pollution...the 90 minute commute time to work (one way!)...and all the other joys that come with living in an overpopulated area. So we moved from Arizona to rural Idaho.

My children now ride their bikes on a private dirt road that has but one other house on it besides mine. We have enough land that we can grow as much food as we want and raise several animals. We currently have around 27 chickens (lost five last weekend to Lucky) and 5 pigs. We've planted six fruit trees and one of our apple trees has popped out three little baby apples (we're SO excited!).

Anyway, this film company thought this was all very interesting and of course my girls thought that having their own reality show would be a hoot. It would be nice to offer something to the American public that was a total polar shift from the Kardashian junk on the tube now.

So what do you think? Would you do a tv show if asked?

Let me know in the comment section...if there is anybody left out there.



  1. I'm self-employed doing TV production. I do the occasional reality TV shoot. Invariably the producers need either conflict or subjects they can make fun of. Go into it with the understanding that they will ask you to do things to accomplish one or both of those. It will be difficult to say "No" when you have a crew standing around waiting on you to cooperate. Unless you think it will be so much fun you can't pass it up or the "publicity" will benefit you in some substantial way, I'd decline. Reality TV shoots are almost always long (12+ hours) and stressful days.

  2. I'm excited for you!
    I'm glad we moved, I love not having all the hustle and bustle. I miss my family and friends, but that's it.

  3. I love Parker's grandpa John. Although he "never gives up searching for gold" it is sad to see he has given up on his life because of Prostate cancer. I am 59 yrs old and have Prosatate cancer and so do my 4 older brothers and 1 younger brother. We are all cancer free and doing fine. Tell John Prostate cancer is no longer a death sentence and not to give up on the most important thing, his life.

  4. I think you have wanted this for a long time. I hope you enjoy it, I would not, but that's me. And yes, be prepared to be made fun of at time and have weaknesses exposed. But you could be a source of inspiration and joy to others. When my daughter had cancer, I really enjoyed forgetting my problems and laughing at duck dynasty. And we all know the self sustaining life has a learning curve.

  5. I guess I would be very leery about doing one of these shows. If it is for the over seas crowd, perhaps their intent is not to "entertain" as much as the shows in the USA. There are a couple shows I watch on the computer set in Great Britain that do not attempt to make fools of the family, so you may be safe doing this show. If it was an American company shooting for the American viewer, I would decline.
    Best wishes.
    So glad to see you post. Thought something bad had happened.

  6. If you decide to do the show, I'll be a faithful watcher!! I think a few others that I follow are doing a series also. Best of luck.


  7. We cut our ties w/regular TV 2-3 yrs ago so we won't be watching. However, I remember reading Survival Mom's post about her experience filming. If you haven't read it, you might want to peruse her article. It may give you somethings to think about.

  8. I think you and your family would be great to watch! We definitely need more wholesome tv shows!

  9. Being based in the UK, there are a couple of shows/presenters who are both respectful and informative. Two separate recent TV series on "non-standard lifestyles/living"; the first presented by Ben Fogle called "new lives in the wild" and the second by Kevin McCloud called "escape to the wild" were mostly respectful and I recommend you see if you can watch these via a Google search. Without prior knowledge of the production company and presenters involved, and the type of programme they are looking to produce, I would be very careful about opening my family to such exposure.


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