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Prisoners Released Nationwide to Slow Spread of Corona!


Part 6

Jails Release Prisoners, Fearing Covid-19 Outbreak

As if things weren't bad enough?!

Local governments across America are releasing thousands of prisoners in an unprecedented effort to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in crowded jails and prisons.

Jails in CaliforniaNew York, Ohio, Texas, and at least a dozen other states are sending inmates home in hopes of slowing the outbreak inside the prisons.

Social distancing just took on a new purpose. 

I'm not necessarily going to distance myself for fear of contracting the coronavirus...now I'm distancing myself because the person nearby could be a newly released prisoner who wasn't released for good behavior or time served. 

At least it is low-level offenders, right?

But wait...

However, there appears to be no clear identification of what a "low-level" offender really is. Or at least, it varies from state to state. 

Try Googling it and see what you get.

In an attempt to define the low-level offenders being released across the country, here is what I've found so far.

The Council on Crime and Justine in Minneapolis did a study way back in 2004. The purpose of their study was to examine citations and arrests for seven community-identified low-level misdemeanor offenses in Minneapolis.

Given that Google is not showing my an definitive answers for a list of common low-level offenders, I'll go with what I have found.

This is just to list examples of low-level offenders in one location. 

List of low-level offenses in Minneapolis, at this time of this study, include individuals cited or arrested for the following:

  • Driving After Revocation, 
  • Driving After Cancellation, 
  • No Valid Drivers License, 
  • Disorderly Conduct, 
  • Loitering with Intent to Commit Prostitution, 
  • Loitering with Intent to Sell Narcotics, and
  • Lurking with Intent to Commit a Crime

Now review that list and ask yourself if the prisons (and your family) are better off with the release of these offenders?

I'll admit that some of these offenses concern less than others. But the last three concern me a great deal.

Remember, we're in the beginning stages

Have you seen this demographic yet that depicts the possibility of our timeline for the coronavirus in the United States?

According to this data, and the way our government is addressing the outbreak, things are going to get rougher in the weeks / months to come.

To stay informed but not inundated with fake news, I am only following a few news outlets:

  1. DrudgeReport
  2. ZeroHedge
After those, I'm following personal favorites like Survival Blog and Rural-Revolution.

Aside from those, I'm focusing on family and the continuum of routine and daily activities.

Now that we're at a level of self-quarantine, it gives us more time together to explore nature. Today, for example, we're going on a hike to Auger Falls. 

During times of quarantine, exercise and exposure to sunlight are crucial to help stave off malaise and depression.

Going Galt

As we continue to work on moving north, we still contend with:

  • selling a house during a pandemic
  • moving our belongings
  • finding a suitable rental at our destination
  • keep things as normal for our family as possible

In conclusion, I'll leave you with this:

Make sure you continue to stay active and don't neglect situational awareness. Continue to pray and study your scriptures with your family.

May God Bless you and your family

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