The Clan

The Orange Jeep Dad - Father of six and husband,  I work in healthcare and drive an Orange Jeep. Most of my time seems to be spent working in order to afford my princesses everything they want and need. With our newest endeavor of moving to the country, I'm hoping that will change and we'll all get to spend more family time together.


Wifey - a perfect compadre in crazy and hectic family life. She stays home and wrangles all six girls by herself. She is quite the athlete and although she won't admit to her moment of fame...I will. She was so good a dance in her early years that she won Star Search twice. You know, that old Ed McMahon show from the late 80's? Yup. She was on her way to trying out for a professional cheerleading career...until she met me. I promptly turned her into a mommy.  ;-) She loves to sew, craft and knit so much that I built a private sewing/craft room just for her.


Sis: at nearly 16 years of age, Sis is the oldest (eldest?) of our six daughters. My Dad still calls his little sister "Sis" after all these years and I've always found it endearing. As soon as Wifey and I found out we were having a girl, I said her nickname would be Sis. She is very tall and athletic. Her singing voice brings me to tears every stinking time she performs in public. What an amazing blessing she is for us and she is a babysitting MACHINE!


Macky: "Wacky Macky" is our book worm as she devours books like nobody's business. She would be completely happy if her bedroom was in the middle of a library. I've have begun a long process of lining the upper edges of her bedroom walls with long bookshelves in an attempt to hold her "personal library". She is 14 years old and is considered the "runt" of our girls. Truth be told, she stands taller than the other kids in her class but in our house, even our 12 year old is taller. She took 1st & 3rd in shotput and discus this year at State competition.


The Queen: now 12 years old, her Royal Highness is tall and slender. One of those "size zero" kinda girls. Long flowing blonde hair and very into YouTube videos about fashion and hairstyles. You can usually catch her getting updates on the latest makeup trends from some other 12 year old "expert" on YouTube. She is a cheer and gymnastics nut and has done competitive cheer and just last week made her cheer team at school (first try). She'll be getting her braces off in a few weeks and Daddy will be looking for a few more shotguns to add to his collection. The Queen concludes what I commonly refer to Team Alpha (Sis, Macky & The Queen are all close in age).


Bella-boo: now happily at seven years of age, she heads Team Bravo and commands her two younger sisters. There is about a five year hiatus between Team Alpha and Team Bravo. Bella-boo still loves her dolls and is very comfortable around animals. She firmly takes our German Shepard by the neck and leads her outside of the house when necessary. She can squish bugs and is very tough.


Monster: where do I begin with Monster... If there is a quick and dirty way to completely destroy, dismember, break or otherwise mame ANYTHING, this is the kid for the job. She is a true Monster when it comes to the damage she can do...and all with the cutest little smile on her face. You'll find stories of her drama sprinkled throughout the blog. She is so efficient at destruction, she almost received her own section on the blog because her ability to amaze occurs almost daily. Cute little scrawny bug that she is, I sure wish she'd mellow out sometimes. She is five years old.


Flower: the youngest of Team Bravo, she is only four years old and precious as could be.  She immediately says "sure" to anything you ask her to do, without hesitation. She loves popsicles and candy and frequently gives me little handmade greeting cards to show she is thinking of me. Boundless energy most of the day but oh, so cranky when she's tired. She ranks high on the snuggable scale.


Cowboy. One of my younger cousins and son to Aunt D.  He loves the farm and everything about it. He's somewhere around 25 years old and is a whole lotta fun to have around. Ladies, he's also SINGLE. (He's gonna shoot me for that...) In my alternate universe, he lives on the farm too and we make enough money to pay him to be a full-time ranch hand. <== ultimate dream job!


She loves the old Ford
Aunt D. My one and only aunt on my Dad's side of the family. She's around nine years older than me and we have a great time together. She keeps bringing me food out to the farm and it sure is appreciated. Not that I don't make a mean Ramen noodle bowl...I just sure prefer her cooking. The BBQ she brought on July 4th was heavenly. She has many fond memories of the farm from her early years and I have a sneaking suspicion that she'd like to live out here someday... She loves horses.


  1. Flower is soooooooooooooo cute. Gotta love thoes girls.

    1. Yes I do. See you tomorrow Little Cousin. I hear you wanna learn how to drive the old tractor?


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