Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tree Question

Flower found a tree with berries in the parking lot at my work. Turns out, there are a lot of them in the parking lot but we don't know what they you?


Anonymous said...

I have a tree in my yard here in N.W. Illinois looks just like it but bigger. It's an ornamental plum. Oh they taste terrible too.

Anonymous said...

To me they look like crab apples. My crabapple tree in Idaho Falls had bark that was that color , too. If you pick a few, then cut them open at home, you can tell by the seeds if there is one large ( relative to the fruit) seed, the tree is an ornamental plum. If they are not sprayed, you can pick them in early summer & make a decent jelly or jam. If there are multiple seeds inside, then it is probably a crabapple tree, which makes a really good jelly. - Marivene

hobo said...

I think Anonymous #1 is correct - flowering plum. And if it is, definitely correct that they taste horrible. The neighbors sheep won't even eat them and they love plums.

Quail bridge farm said...

Way too early for flowering plum. While some may taste bad, our kids eat them off the tree. Don't think it is a crabapple either.

Inquiring Minds said...

Sure look like crab-apple to me. We had one in the back yard growing up in Ohio. The fruit are just the right size to fit in a slingshot and shoot against the spackled wall of the back porch.

Not that I would do anything like that, Mom.

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