Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day on a Budget

Red roses from CostCo were only $15
I caught myself making a reservation at the top restaurant in town for Valentine's Day.

Hostess: "Will 8:30pm do? It is all we have left."
Me: "Sure. That will be fine."
Hostess: "Great. I'll pencil you in. We are having a special just for Valentine's Day. For only $59, you get a choice of salad, a main meal and a desert."
Me: "Um, ok."

And I hung up...stunned. Why in the world am I making a reservation that will cost me $120 for a meal for two...and that doesn't even include a tip?

Traditional pink pancakes on V-Day paper plates
I thought of all the things we could buy with $120.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day. After sleeping in, I began cleaning the bathroom. I cleaned our toilet and the girls'. I cleaned the bath tub, both sinks and mirrors. Anything that I could picture Wifey saying "I really don't want to clean that today." is what I cleaned.

As I cleaned the bathroom, I began looking at the old step stool that her father had made decades ago. It is quite dilapidated with many splashings of paint mixed about. It had certainly stood the test of time and held up very well. Not a morning goes by during the week that each little girl takes her turn standing atop the stool and getting their hair done by mommy.

I thought it would be a nice gift of my time to refurbish the old stool for all who use it. I video taped the refurb and put it on YouTube. I chose a nice bright red paint to signify Valentine's Day and the girls were quick to jump on it once I brought it back into the bathroom.

Valentine's Day ended up costing me a total of $25 ($15 for roses and $10 for paint) and there was plenty of joy to be had.



  1. imagine you gave your wife a $15,000 diamond ring for v-day. wow. that would have been something! but cleaning the bathroom and mirrors and redoing the hairstool? priceless to any woman worth her worth! good job, buddy....really good job!

    much love to you and yours! your friend,

  2. Expensive dinners out are nice, but I love any man who will cook a special meal for me! Gifts of the heart always mean the most. ;) -Stealth Spaniel

  3. This was a good reminder of what is important. Thank you.
    deb k

  4. Spot on in my little world! Acts of love and kindness are priceless; that's what you and kindness, you took on her burden, you saw her world and said, "I can do these things for her".

    Aside from the children you gave her, this is tops. That's what marriage is. Giving love.

    So sweet! And just think: she wasn't out to eat in a fancy restaurant thinking, "I should be home cleaning the bathroom". Believe me, it happens. You took that burden away from her, too.

    Win, all the way around.



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