Sunday, February 22, 2015

Busy Filming Beekeeping Videos

I had a wonderful visit with a local beekeeper this weekend.  I took along my video camera to record the experience in an effort to retain more than my memory would have allowed.

It ended up being such a tremendous amount of information that I have chosen to edit it into a YouTube mini series.

It contained about 49 minutes worth of beekeeping gems so I cut it into three segments for brevity.

If you are interested,  head over to YouTube and search for me: OrangeJeepDad to see my list of videos.



  1. My granddad had a lot of bees. Boy was that honey goooood!!

  2. Will do. Dan and I are busy studying up on beekeeping with ours due for delivery in mid April. Exciting times!

  3. My bro has a small number of hives. Why? Well, first, it fascinates him. Once he retires from his job with the state, he wants to expand his operations.

    But the real reason he got into it is for the tax write off. With his hives and some time spent processing the honey and wax into items that are put into gift baskets and sold near Christmas time, his five acres is an gen-u-ine "ranch" in the eyes of the government.

    Don't overlook this possible beneficial aspect.


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