Sunday, July 8, 2012 Disruption (use the dotted quad address

As of 20:39 July 8th (MST)

Hack attack confirmed by JWR. Survivalblog has been under attack since July 4th and they are "being forced to change servers".  Please bookmark the dotted quad addresses (seen below).

US Server =
Swede Server =

As I stated LAST TIME THIS HAPPENED, remind yourself that this is a good reason to buy JWR's CD archive of his entire site. It is only $4.97 on Amazon right (link) now and includes 2005 through 2011. Hurry, it might not be there long.

As of 20:03 July 8th (MST)

It appears is having difficulty with their URL again. You can still access the website information by typing the dotted quad address:

If you haven't bookmarked this address yet, now would be a good time.  If I find out more information, I'll edit this post.


Prior DoS attack info here, trying to post current info here.


  1. Thanks for the info OJD dotted quad address isn't working for me at this time (though it could be everyone trying to figure out what's up)

    Linked to my blog.

  2. @Beth There are three address to try, as I linked. There should always be at least ONE of them up. The question is: how recent was it updated?

    There's a pattern here too. The last time he was hacked, it was over a holiday weekend...just like this one. I wonder if it was the same group?

  3. I noticed last night that it was down, but the dotted quad address was working for me.

    However, it does not appear to be working today.

    I suspected last night that it might be under attack again. Glad I checked here to verify that.

    Thanks OJD for keeping us updated.

  4. thanks for the info. here in UK was worrying....

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