Monday, July 9, 2012

Videos: BugOut Retreat & Wifey's Uber Craftroom

9:30am and I'm two hours past my bedtime but here are a couple of videos I wanted to share. The first is a video of the retreat we have begun to renovate/update in Northern Arizona. We've been there a total of three times so far and have MUCH work to do.

The second video is Wifey's craft room. I think it is safe to say we've used just about all of the usable space for her FOUR sewing machines, serger, yarn, etc etc. Aside from a few more minor adjustments in the craft room, I can now focus on THE GARAGE (cheers from the crowd!)

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  1. Hey, OJD. I saw you checked in on me a few days ago. Just seems I don't have much time for internet stuff lately. thanks for coming by; I'm still around, just busy lately. Looks like you are, too!


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