Saturday, January 18, 2014

Here's a fun post: Try Kingdomality

During a recent meeting, one of our VPs was ranting about the hilarity of an online personality test. By answering a few short questions (seven I believe), this world renown "vocational placement system" classifies you into one of several ancient job titles from the medievil (think Robin Hood) times. 

I took the test and it was hilarious. Dare I say, it was actually quite accurate as well. This thing has been around since 1990 and has grown to see visits from 20 million people on the internet since introduced in 1996.

From Wikipedia: "According to the Kindomality website: Many years ago there was a period of time that is often casually called "Medieval." It was a time, so the story tellers tell us, of tiny kingdoms, brave knights and ferocious dragons.

Transportation and travel were both crude and difficult, usually necessitating that each kingdom be as self-sufficient and self-reliant as possible. So it was very important that within each kingdom all the major crafts and professions of the day were ably represented to insure the survival of the kingdom. In the English language we still see remnants of some occupations in the familiar surnames such as Smith (as in blacksmith), Carpenter, Miller, and Baker to name just a few."

My result: The Dreamer-Minstrel

The Dreamer-Minstrel can always see the "Silver Lining" to every dark and dreary cloud. Look at the bright side is their motto and understanding why everything happens for the best is their goal. They are the positive optimists of the world who provide the hope for all humankind. There is nothing so terrible that they can not find some good within it. On the positive side, they're spontaneous, charismatic, idealistic and empathic. On the negative side, Dreamer-Minstrels may be sentimental dreamers who are emotionally impractical.

It's laughingly not too far off. Wifey was a White Knight.  What are you?

Other vocation titles:  Bishop, Benevolent Ruler, Shepherd, Black Knight, White Knight, Scientist, Discoverer, Merchant, Prime Minister, Engineer-Builder, Doctor.



  1. Benevolent Ruler,,, Boy there are some folks in trouble the day that happens.....

  2. I have the complete definition to all the vocations at work. I'll post it on Monday for everyone to see.

  3. I am the engineer builder. Interesting.

  4. Prime Minister. That was a surprise but the description suits me.

  5. And now someone unknown to you has psychological info on you to use against you sometime in the future. Be cautious or risk paying a price.

  6. Shepherds
    • Are the nicest people in the Kingdom
    • Tend to be consistent in their behavior toward
    • Listen and genuinely care about the person and
    topic of discussion
    • Value communication, morale, and union
    • Overriding goal is to tend the human flock
    • Understand the

  7. White Knights
    • Are the heroes of the Kingdom
    • They believe and fight for the cause as long as
    they perceive the cause to be good
    • They want to fight on the “right” side
    • Do not like to kill, but will do so to help their
    • Are natural strategist who enjoy the challenge of
    fighting the good fight
    • Are seekers of the Holy Grail
    * Will endure many hardships for their ideals
    • Recognition is enough for their good deeds
    • Merciful and sympathetic
    • Giving and heroic
    • When stressed, can be impulsive and make
    emotional decisions

    White Knights at Work
    • Are always on a mission
    • Enjoy having a positive impact on the lives of
    • Are highly dedicated and principled members of
    the team
    • Will fight to uphold their noble ideas
    • Need recognition for their efforts
    • Can become embroiled in the emotional factors
    surrounding their decision

  8. Prime Ministers
    Bold decision makers and risk takers
    • Strategists who pursue the most efficient and
    logical path to their goals
    • Will pitch in themselves to get whatever needs to
    be done finished
    • Prefer to be the power behind the throne that
    makes things happen. However, see themselves
    as the true source of the power
    • Are results oriented
    Value their allies mainly for the contribution they
    make to the goal
    • Are creative problem solvers
    • Are not patient an become annoyed if they are
    compelled to explain their thought processes
    • Under stress, Prime Ministers can be brusque and
    confrontational and can appear to be uncaring
    with regard to social niceties

    Prime Ministers at Work
    Goal oriented and competitive
    • Creative problem solvers who enjoy all
    manner of challenges
    • View people as “with them or against them”
    • Sometimes seen as uncaring or even

  9. Black Knights
    The overriding goal is to win
    • Each task is approached as a contest to be won
    strategically and efficiently
    • Are ever mindful of the potential rewards that
    should result from their efforts and will not
    continue to strive if the rewards are diminishing
    • Logically persuasive
    • Formulate very effective strategies to reach their
    Like their weapons, and are surprised that
    the White Knight seems to take so long
    before using his/her weapons
    • Believe it more effective to negotiate up
    front so that all thoughts can be directed to
    the battle at hand
    • When stressed, can be impulsive and
    unemotionally manipulative

    Black Knights at Work
    See themselves as the master of their own fate
    • Wage long battles, at great cost to their safety and
    • Feel that their life carries certain risks, and
    therefore, they feel entitled to the offsetting
    • They will share the wealth only after they
    “pay themselves first”

  10. Merchants
    Are the bottom line people of the Kingdom
    • Are very meticulous and extremely competitive
    • Think things through very carefully
    • Want to make a perfect decision
    • All angles are considered and contingencies
    • They are noted for their careful approach to
    business, and by extension, to life
    No nonsense types that value common sense,
    consistency, and reliability
    • Realists that will not be swayed easily be
    • Continually assess their position to monitor the
    changing risks and rewards
    • Rely on their reasoning and insight to provide the
    “edge” they seek in all interactions
    • Under stress, can be rigid and dogmatic

    Merchants at Work
    Deliberate and careful planners
    • Competitive and goal oriented
    • See careful planning and precise action as the
    route to success
    • Will not be rushed; must know all of the details
    before they decide
    • The motto of the Merchant may well be: “Take
    care of the little things and the big things will take
    care of themselves”

  11. Engineer Builders
    Overriding goal is stick to the plan
    • Provide the structure for the Kingdom
    • Practical, just and realistic
    • Pragmatic and rational
    • When stressed, may be dogmatic and
    Utilize a stable, dependable approach to
    • Provide focused and persistent effort in reaching
    their goals
    • Excellent at maintaining organizations
    • Have a talent for spotting inconsistencies and
    improper reasoning
    • Can rethink the approach to problem solving
    making the solution practical and usable
    • “Agree on the task at hand and get the job done”
    is the Engineer-Builder approach


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