Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why NOT to Live Next to a Highway

About 90% through the fence line
Just thought I'd share a little of our morning fun here at the new rental property. While returning home from morning errands, Wifey called asking if I was in an accident. A few returned questions and she explained that she heard what sounded like an accident on the highway behind us and she was afraid it was me.

Coming around the last corner, it came into view...a minivan careened through our back fence and came to rest in our backyard. Of course this occurred right during our busy morning and now our schedules were delayed. I investigated and collected report numbers for the landlord. I had to pin up Lucky because being the six month old puppy that he is, he's sure to go running straight out onto old Route 66.

I briefly chatted with Police and Fire. The firemen knew us from the house fire a few months ago. "Seems like a black cloud is following us," I told one fireman. He remarked that this was about the tenth call he had been on in the last couple of years for this exact problem in this exact area. Cars crashing through fences was commonplace. He pointed out that it was usually early morning hours and usually right here on this stretch of road after a curve.

No one was harmed, in case you're thinking I'm not being human about the whole thing. Quite frankly, I'm a bit numb these days.

Hope this post isn't too "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" for you Brian Buckman.


  1. Yikes, I went back and read Mr. Buckman's comment. What an selfish, jealous windbag..... Now there's someone we don't want on the team when the balloon goes up.

    My father-in-law has the same problem as you, periodically someone misses the curve and takes out the fence. Thankfully, the last time it happened, it was a young man who returned and paid for the materials to fix it and even helped with the labor.

  2. Time for some concrete filed steel posts to show up right at the fence line. Glad no one was hurt. Slow down folks..

  3. Glad no one was hurt. For some reason, I had a Bizarro vision of a "Bozo the Clown" fence that you can hit but won't stay down. It just pops back up again... Wow, enough cough medicine for me already....

  4. Thank goodness neither your children nor your pets were in that area at the time of the accident. You might think about some reflective tape on the fence, along with a slow down sign. I also think you should contact your local representative about road signs and some police presence. Good luck! -Stealth Spaniel

  5. Since the local police department is aware that the curve is a problem, I would find out who to contact to ask them to put guard rails there.

  6. The guard rail idea seems like a good lead, though you may have thought about all these ideas on your own. It's always good though to hear a few nods chiming in with your own well made plans. As for your numbness these days, I would like to encourage you and your family to remember Ecc 9:11. It seems especially when we are trying to make a better life for ourselves and those we love that those black clouds show up. Don't let them get to you. Look at them as simply another opportunity to persevere and to bond closer as a family. It's also a great time to sit back and say "now that would not have been as bad if we had this that and the other." therefore making future planing for when the big fall out happens much more secure. Good planning to you and best hopes for your family!

  7. Seems like you're getting hammered a little, but in light of everything else you've been through in the last year, this is small potatoes ;) Glad to hear no one got hurt. The worst of it will probably be figuring out what to do with your dog until the fence gets fixed.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I may get back to blogging sometime...I just worry about opsec and all. Here's hoping 2014 is better for you and your family than 2013 was!

  8. I haven't been around in eons, as we moved into a new home last fall, and I stopped blogging due to my health, but I stumbled back here and was so saddened to hear about your house fire.

    Very happy to hear that the family and all the animals [minus 1 chick :( ] are doing well, and you seemed to have done an amazing job of bouncing right back up. Blessings and kudos to you all.

    I read back through everything since the fire, and am amazed at your family's recovery. Great girls! I was wondering though, did they ever discover the cause of the fire? It just seemed so sudden and you seemed to like the house so much.

    I wish your family the best. Take care. :)

  9. apologies, post when it is appropriate

  10. I have been reading since u were first moving to Oklahoma, hope everything is ok with you and your family. Praying for you and your family. -cw

  11. I was worried since you hadn't blogged for a few weeks that something bad had happened. Its my "mom thing". I'm sorry to read that you've had more tragedy.
    Please remember that sorrow shared is divided, joy shared is multiplied. And ignore those who throw rocks and insults. We'll be here when the words come to

  12. We'll be praying for you, forget the "gimme" idiot...those of us who want to help out will. Let us know if we can help in any way.

  13. Praying for you and your family. Hope everything comes around for you soon. Blog when you are ready. We will be here.

  14. I never said you were a bad man, just found that one thing questionable to me OJD.

    Point taken.

    To all others, your hatred of my comment to OJD is understandable. I wrestled with posting it to begin with but I still stand by my feelings about it.

    There was no vitriol or hatred in my question it was simply that...a question.


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