Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas...Now Move!

Over eight hours late on promised delivery time
Please enjoy your Christmas holiday for those of us that will be the snow. The "pod" that was supposed to be delivered ended up being a semi-truck trailer. Along with now having to take stuff up five feet into the trailer, the ramp it came with sucks. Instead of flat and wide, it is narrow and has cleats all over the place.

The piano is too wide to get up the ramp. Not sure how we're going to take it with us now unless I enlist and army of guys to lift it up.

We went with U-Pack for the move and so far I'm not impressed. We didn't get floor-level box like I thought we would. Then, instead of dropping it off between 8 and noon (which would have given us most of the day to load, pre-snow) they didn't show up until a little after 8pm. We loaded for about two hours but not near the amount we should have been able to load. Now it's snowing.

We have the "pod" until next Tuesday so we should be okay. Just not sure about the piano now.

Wish us luck and Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Good luck loading if we'd live closer, I'd loan you all 5 boys plus hubby. That would get the piano in there.

    1. For sure. Not quite sure what to do with the piano...

  2. Got to take the piano. Use your engineering skills to get it loaded, or do those who work in the medical profession not have engineering skills. (grin).

  3. Can you back the pickup to the porch, load the piano on it, and then back it to the trailer? Still would have to lift it, but not so much at once.

  4. Do not put up with this from U-pack! Call the corporate offices and raise hell. You reviewed your moving needs with them beforehand, so they owe you a ground level pod and a bill adjustment! Call your church and tell them that you need 8 board teenagers with good muscle tone. I am sure they can be rounded up. Then, you and the wife make some super rich hot chocolate with whipped cream for the family. Add some Bailey's Irish Cream to the adult's cups! You have earned it. Can't wait for the rest of the story. ;) -Stealth Spaniel

  5. Merry Christmas to you! Good luck also! Usually offering food and or beer will bring people out of the woodwork to help with moving.

  6. I got a quartet of Army guys when I needed muscle.


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