Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ask and You Shall Receive...You Big Dummy.

Sure enough. I whined about losing hours at work and the next day I was called in to work early. Not because I whined, I'm sure. Nope, it was most likely because the universe saw that I waited too long to go to bed.

Normally I get off of work around 7am. Run the kids to school to get some "chat time" and back home for some sleep. Only yesterday, for some dumb reason...I went to the gym with Wifey. Then to Walmart for milk. Toddlers need milk for their sippy cups, ya know?

Then we caught this funny movie starring Jenny McCarthy and had to finish watching it. I think that's about when I got the call that an opportunity had arisen at work (someone called off sick) and I could go in 2 1/2 hours early. I think.  It's all kinda blurry now.  Well, of course I couldn't say no. Not with all that whining I blogged yesterday.

Wifey left around 2pm to go pick the kids up from school and I laid my head down wondering what I had done. Did I mention that our recently adopted Cocker Spaniel barks at the front door when the family leaves the house? Appearantly he didn't know I was in the bedroom and began howling shortly after Wifey left. This prompted a little chat between he and I...keeping me awake a little longer.  Sometimes I speak English to him.  Sometimes I just bark at him.  Is that weird?

Then a lovely telemarketer called on my cell phone, which I mistakenly left on FULL volume. Oh yes, I'd be oh so interested in your product...CLICK! Grrr.

I think I drifted off for a bit at this point only to awaken to the dog howling again. This time it was because he could see my girls walking up the sidewalk to enter the house. That meant it was 4pm and time for me to get up. Oh lawd!  What was 40 minutes of sleep?

So. Here I sit at the end of my 14 1/2 hour shift all groggy and irritated. Of course, I smile as I type this...thinking about how silly it is to get all worked up over little things. Like 84 year patients that come to an EMERGENCY room at 4am for diarrhea. Or ER doctors that order multiple exams on EACH patient but careful not to order them at the SAME time. This way, I get to go fetch the patient two, three or even four times and bring them back to my department for xrays or ct scans.

But hey...I got some work hours in, right? Me and my big, whiny mouth.


Hey, a quick "shout out" to "Follower" #54: Wendy. Thanks for joining the blog and welcome to my insanity!  ;-)

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