Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What if 21 Million Americans Died in 2012?

Squeezing in my daily research into what is going on in the world around me, I found a terrific little series of videos (interviews) on Russell Means and was completely amazed by him.

If you have the time or if you would like a better understanding of where America is heading RIGHT NOW, you should take the time and watch these three little videos.  They are roughly 15 minutes each.

Russell Means: American Apathy (Part 1):

Russell Means: American Apathy (Part 2):

Russell Means: American Apathy (Part 3):

During these interviews, Alex spoke some words that really stuck out in my head. I'll paraphrase him: It has now been researched and determined that seven million Americans died from starvation or complications related to starvation during, or as a result of, The Great Depression. For perspective, 90% of the population in America during that era was self sufficient as opposed to 10% of our population being self sufficient now.

I believe there were around 100 million people in America during the early 1930's. Mathmatically, that means 7% of the population died during the Depression. There are 300 million people in America today. If the looming "Greatest Depression" forecast to be heading our way this year follows the same trajectory, we're looking at losing 21 million neighbors.

I'm not near as prepared as I need to be. Are you?

P.S., As any good free thinker would do, I researched the comments (here and here). Neither are scientific, peer reviewed journals but the ideas being proposed are not beyond believable.

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