Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There's Just Not Enough Hours in the Day.

Believe it or not, just about every day I think to myself "Self, this [insert current event] would make a good blog entry." I ponder it for a few seconds and think of what pictures to use. Half the time I even have the wherewithal (<==I had to spell check that one) to whip out my camera and take some snap shots of the moment.  Then life happens.

Next thing I know, another 24 hours has gone by and I didn't make the time to sit down and blog my thoughts.  I have a laundry list of things to gab about: my new garden is planted (sewn?), we're in the beginning stages of looking for property and our next house, my oldest girls are begging me to help them set up an Etsy page to help them sell their handmade goodies, and on...and on.

I know what part of the issue is.  I blog best when I can hear myself think.  That is a VERY rare occurrence in a home filled with six girls.  Speaking of sanity, I added a locking door knob to my newly installed arched doorway in a feeble attempt to hold my ground on what little privacy there is left in my house.  I'm like a man without a country in there with all that estrogen overflowing. But I digress...

I found more time to write my thoughts down at work (on my breaks, of course) than I do at home.  Now that my schedule is somewhat reduced, I am spending more time at home.  That was the end goal to begin with...you know, work less...be home with the family more.  I guess I just wasn't quite ready for the transition.  Maybe the key lies in blogging in the early mornings before all the sleepy eyed monsters get up for school?

So, I'll attempt to post pictures of my budding peas, beats, cauliflower and artichokes soon.  I'm really looking forward to this gardening season because now that I've experimented in the garden for a few seasons, I know what grows and what grows REALLY well.  So if all goes as planned, I should have a TON of veggies in a few months.

Ooops, Mr Clock says my shift is almost over.  Gotta run...



  1. A garden is a wonderful thing. It gives you exercise, healthy food, and sense of independance. And with six active girls to keep fueled, it can save you money.

  2. '...then life happens' kind of says it all. It's pretty much that way for all of us, I imagine. When flashes of inspiration for a blog post hit me and I happen to be sitting at a computer, I email a blurb about the idea to myself ...hopefully to be developed and posted later. If I happen to be sitting at MY computer when I get an idea but don't have time to write the post, I start a new post in blogger ...but just the title and the blurb. Then when I find a little extra time, I review my Drafts on blogger and flesh one of them out. I'm always amazed when I review the Drafts that there are several I had forgotten about.

    : )


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