Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BugOut Mock Run with Random Pics

Our new past-time activity is driving up to our cabin and finding new things to do and see.  On our most recent trip we saw some unusual things along the way so I thought I pass them along to you folks on the blogosphere.

The Shoe Tree. Click on the pic for
a larger view of it.
 One odd thing we noticed on our return drive home last time was a strange looking tree on the side of the highway.  This time we made sure to watch for it and investigate a little further.  What we found, along the highway 260 North of Mesa, AZ is a tree about an hour North of town on the West side of the Southbound road.  For some unknown reason, unknown to me anyway, it appears that folks stop and visit this tree...AND TIE A PAIR OF SHOES TO IT.

That's right. Check out the picture. There must be three dozen or more pairs of shoes and boots tied all over this tree...out in the middle of nowhere.  Why? I have no clue...but it looks kinda cool so I took a picture of it.

We were also reminded about the safety of driving slowly along these windy mountain roads.  As we came around a corner, we were quickly met by highway patrol vehicles and flashing lights blocking the right lane.

The upside down trailer. Prayers to
the family.
We safely moved to the left lane and slowed to a crawl.  Not just because all the cars infront of us had done the same thing but also so that we could take a nice picture. What? Any respectable blogger would do the same...right? Anyway...

Looks like a red Dodge Durango had somehow lost control while pulling a nice trailer. You can't really see the Durango but the whole front windshield was smashed out. I wondered if the family had to be pulled out that way or if it had rolled like the trailer. Either way, both were pretty mashed up. No ambulances in sight so I'm guessing everyone was okay.

The marketing worked on me :-(
and I bought one...<sucker>
 These long drives can be tricky if you didn't get enough rest before heading out.  I typically avoid the sugar-laden energy drinks for various reasons, mostly from seeing teenagers in renal failure in our ICU departments because they though it was okay to drink 20 every day but...I couldn't resist one this time.  It was made by the hunting company RealTree. I had never seen an energy drink from these guys before. It was kinda cool.  Gotta love the logo on the back of the can "Not for city boys".

Lastly, I'll mention the fun we had running around all the garage sales in the Hinterboonies.  I didn't think there would be much substance at a garage sale in such an underpopulated area but I was quite surprised at the amount of...ahem...stuff these sales had.

We came across on garage sale that was selling items from 14 families.  That's right. Fourteen families got together and threw all their "unwanteds" into one yard.

And that's where I found the one thing that I wanted to buy:

Little Lily and my new toy...
A remote control JEEP! Yeehaw!


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  2. When you two are traveling to your BOL are you taking different routes each time to learn them as you mentioned the main path out of Phoenix will be useless in a panic situation? You might find some temporary places to stay should the travel go beyond a few hours....

  3. @Matt Hi Matt. We have only been up there twice so far so we have taken the same route both times but now that we are more familiar with the area we will definitely start taking alternate routes.

    You are SO correct about learning the different routes. THe major highways/routes will be clogged during a TEOTWAKI situtation.

    Thanks for chiming in!

  4. It is amazing what all you can find at a yard sale. That is a neat "shoe" tree.


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