Monday, June 4, 2012

I Finally Posted a Contest Submission to Survival Blog.

Me, after my first guest post on
As much as I enjoy writing, I don't put much faith into thinking anyone REALLY wants to read it. For that reason, I've only submitted a few contest entries over the past two years. The first post was at Rural Revolution and was a complete bomb. I'm not sure exactly why but posts there normally gets dozens of comments on articles and I got exactly...wait for it...NONE. The only comment is me, bellyaching about having no comments. Yep, just checked. Almost one year later and I still have NO comments on the article.

The second guest post I had published came out at  the same time and had a little warmer of a reception over at This article garnered 41 comments and makes me feel a little better. So, you can see my apprehension in submitting my third guest post to my all-time fav website: The Grand-daddy of all survival websites.

IF my article gets accepted, I'll post a link to it here on my blog when it goes live. I will NOT, however, be holding my breath for a great response. Of course, I just realized, SurvivalBlog doesn't have a comment section! Hey, I'm feeling better already :-)

Update 06-05-12:  My guest article is posted! Linked above.


  1. Always say what you want to say and don't worry about the comments of lack there of. Of course it is always nice to get a lot of positive comments but the negative ones are not as nice but we learn from them, all of them.

  2. Very true DD, very true. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. I actually enjoy your just don't post enough!! I think you are just serious enough with some humor! Keep writing... amishwoman49

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