Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lessons from the Annual Daddy - Daughter Weekend

As luck would have it, the annual Grand Session event for Job's Daughters AND the annual Girls Camp event through our church fell on the exact same weekend. For my oldest three daughters, it meant making a tough choice regarding which event to attend. For me, it meant figuring out how to keep my six, four, and three year old daughters busy for four days and three nights ALL BY MYSELF. (Qeue the horror movie theme music).

Since my beloved wife had received the calling of Girls Camp Assistant Director, that meant she would be gone with whomever chose to go to camp for the weekend as well.  Now I'll admit, I panicked a tad at first.  The thought of keeping these little ones content, fed, dressed, pony-tailed, and NOT BORED was a HUGE undertaking for the Dad who hadn't planned a toddler event without the aid of his wife since...well...ever.

I quickly learned what NOT to do if you want a stress-free day with the princesses.

1) Don't even THINK about mentioning what you MIGHT do unless you know FOR SURE that you will be doing it. Heaven forbid if the plan falls through because the "YOU SAID's" and the "WHY AREN'T WE's" will echo like teradactyl screechings in your suburban until you find a swift replacement activity.

2) Don't expect to roll out of bed and out the door with minimal prepping like you do when you are going to Home Depot solo. Oh no. I left the house without a bottle bag AND the all-important Blankie. My sanity may have disappeared forever had it not been for the dvd player in the suburban and our trusted copy of Tangled.

3) Even though you JUST walked through the door coming home from McDonalds, don't think for a moment that nobody's hungry.  Plan on having easy-to-make meals ready to pop in the microwave. You might even get a little crazy and set some things out to thaw ahead of time. Crazy, right?! Planning ahead..pfft!  Ramen reigned at our house this week but I did go the extra mile once. Yup..I made Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Booyah! Dad of the year!

All-in-all, we are having a wonderful time. Wifey returns tonight with one daughter. The final two return Sunday.  With the help of Mommy's Goodie Bags (she made one for each day, each child, and hid them separately), some fast food outings (being careful to only pick locations with playgrounds indoors),  our trusty Netflix account, and the newly assembled Kid Carwash in the backyard...I'd say everyone had a great time.  Especially if having a great time is judged by the amount of empty, worthless calories consumed. Winning!


  1. I'm sorry but I laughed out loud. Very funny post.

  2. Mom's home! Yay...zzzzzzzzzzz........

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