Monday, August 26, 2013

Quick Note: Don't Forget...

Today is the "Book Bomb" day for Enola Gay's:

 The Prepared Family's Cookbook

She has been living a self sustaining lifestyle with her family over at Providence Farms for several years and blogs her experiences at Paratus Familia.  She is at the top of my reading list and is always a joy to read. Stop by and check her out if you haven't already.

FYI: The "Book Bomb" concept is intended to increase an author's ranking on Amazon by coordinating an effort to have everyone buy the book on opening day. This will surely drive her book up the rankings and give her more exposure.

Don't cook? Honestly, I don't much either. But here's the thing: I gladly support friends in our internet community who strive to live by the same values and moral code that I believe in. I don't have much faith in our electoral voting system anymore but I DO believe in voting with my feet (relocation) and voting with my money.

Enola Gay is "good people" so support her by purchasing her book. I did.

Patrice has a glowing review (go figure, they're neighbors! LoL!) and you can read more about the book at her website: Rural-Revolution.

If you stop by Patrice's or Enola's blogs, comment and tell them I sent you ;-)


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