Friday, August 30, 2013

The Power of a School Nurse

I could have lost all 6 of my children today to Child Protective Services thanks to an over concerned school nurse. Luckily, we taught our children  a secret safe word many years ago.

Sis invoked the secret safe word today during a phone call to me from school. I had wifey to the school before the police even arrived.

I am on the road right now returning home from up north. As soon as I get the debriefing from the entire family I will post the contents of today's unbelievable events.

If you have children at home please take the time to teach them a safe word. Make it a word or phrase that they can use in a sentence without drawing suspicion to the conversation.

More to follow...



  1. I was just thinking it was time to create a safe word with my 4 1/2 year old today. This is disturbing confirmation.

    Curious to hear more of what happened.

  2. watch the system. Don't let them get you. You are in my prayers. Hang in there family!
    God bless! This is STILL America.

  3. Wow!! We need a secret word! Great idea! We homeschool, one day at a time. If you are interested call HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) or check out the link ( your state. If you join, they protect you and your family from intrusions. You CAN have an excellent education at home. K in OK<><

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  5. Homeschool, bro. I'm dreading the day my last one is school age.

  6. OJD,


    I check your blog everyday, but I have not commented in for quite awhile, until now.


    I would get your kids up north today before anything else happens. Find somewhere to stay somehow, someway (in fact, you should be on the road right now)

    Second, someday. Move to Idaho or Texas where homeschoolers are not persecuted.

    Third, that safe word is a great idea.

    I am glad I am not a parent. I abandoned the idea of having a family of my own (long story) I will never know the good and I will never know the bad. I will never have to change diapers nor will I know what fathers day is like. Dealing with intrusive authorities over the well being of any kids is something that I am so glad I will never have to face.

    You have older daughters and I would teach them how to deal with situations when you and your wife are not around. Your family will need to function as a team with the older ones looking out for younger ones. If something happens to you and your wife. The older kids will rally and lead the younger ones. That may be a painful thing to think about and plan for, but its a worse case situation that needs to be talked about with your older kids so they understand the roles they will have to play if such a catastrophic event ever occurred.

  7. OP-SEC is more important now then at anytime in our nations history.

  8. Wow, as someone who works for a school, I know how over zealous some staff can be because of mandated reporting laws. I know a teacher who is on the phone to CPS at least three times a month.

    Anyway, please get your family moved ASAP. I think you will be in the same state, but please pray about homeschooling, or using an online charter school. I know of a few of these schools who might serve kids in your area. If you want the info, let me know and I'll e-mail you. I also think a membership in the HSLDA would be a good idea. Keep us posted, I'll be praying for your family.

  9. Hoping this is at the old school and moving will solve some of this issue. Hope it is not serious since you have not posted a follow up yet.

  10. I concur, start homeschooling. Look online for a local support group or homeschooling co-op. Go to to check on Arizona's requirements, if any, for notifying your school district or filing paperwork. JOIN HSLDA! They are tireless fighters for your right to homeschool and for a minimal yearly fee, will deal with overzealous school districts on your behalf and if the worst happens, represent you in court for no additional charge. I'm now homeschooling in OK, where the right of parents to direct their children's education is actually in the state constitution, but for 11 years we homeschooled in CA, which is not noted for encouraging homeschoolers. Don't worry about your children getting a substandard education. Homeschoolers routinely score very well on standard tests. We use the public library extensively, and are now also using online resources to complete our oldest's senior year in high school. Plus, your children will be with YOU to get your love and encouragement and YOUR values and morals. We'll be praying that everything in the current situation works out well for you. Pamela in OK

  11. Lordy, OJD, I hope everything is okay...

  12. This really hits close to home for me. My brother and I were taken from our parents for a while, for no good reason (I know... I was 14).

    My brother's elementary school teacher and the guidance counselor there started it. CPS came to our home first, with police and everything, asking to look around and to talk to each of us kids privately. My parents, not knowing they were playing into the hands of the enemy, agreed. They'd done nothing wrong, so what did they have to hide?

    When CPS came to take us, they came to our schools and got us there.

    Be very, very careful. Homeschool if at all possible. And remember that pediatricians have the same power.

  13. I think this is the best blog I have been through all this day.
    Leo Muller


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