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Going Galt Again. Want to Come Along?

The Last Galt - American Redoubt - Northern Idaho

This blog has been a great experiment and personal journal for me. I've shared with the world while my family learns how to be more self sufficient and tackle life's challenges.

Remember these adventures?

Well, we're about to go on another big adventure. I'm curious if you guys want to come along with us again. I could document it, much like the past.


We've moved from a major city (Phoenix Arizona) to a farm in Oklahoma. Then to Flagstaff Arizona. That's where the housefire occurred.

We'll never forget that one.

But it taught us a great deal about materialism and the importance of family.

Then moved up to southern Idaho (Twin Falls area) where the adventure in self-sustainment continued. Upon arriving in Idaho, three television networks interview us. We almost landed a show of our own about self sufficiency and raising a big family in a little town after living in a big city.

All declined and that was fine. The personal intrusion would have been rough.

We had a very rewarding five years here in a little town called Filer. I was just voted into the City Councilman position a few months ago, right before losing my job at the local hospital.

So now it's time to make one final move...

St. Maries, Idaho

Now we're going on the greatest adventure of all. This is the final step in the plans we laid out over a decade ago.

Being big fans of SurvivalBlog and Rural-Revolution, we have dreamed of moving to the American Redoubt.

While southern Idaho qualifies...we are now moving (drum roll please......)

To northern Idaho. A sleepy little town near Couer D' Alene that boasts of only a few thousand citizens. Mixed among the mountains and rivers, to say we are excited is an understatement.

This is where we have been hoping to land for over a decade. All of our preparation in gardening, cooking, camping, fishing, hunting, 4H livestock and all the self-reliance skills are going to be put to use.

Starting Over

So we're starting at ground zero but taking heaps of knowledge with us.

I'll be going up there ahead of the herd to figure out where a great spot to homestead would be.

I'm looking for either wooded land or riverfront property. Both would be a dream come true.

Then I'll move the family up there when school gets out. Sometime around early June. And the adventures will begin.

Learning a new town and meeting new people. Getting involved with the schools and local politics.

We're excited. So I thought I'd ask...

Want to come along?



  1. Replies
    1. I am highly considering it. This blog has always had my favorite audience. Moving up to St Maries would make a great fit for this blog journey. Thanks for chiming in.

  2. I like St. Maries too. I'll cheer you on.

    1. Sweet! Can you share any info? I went up there to interview for a job and only stayed a few days.

  3. I will enjoy the read along

  4. I've always enjoyed your stories and love to read about people starting over, starting from scratch, trying to be self reliant.

    1. You can never have too many Happy Hens around!

  5. Only if you allow Yellow Jeeps in the convoy.

    1. No way Jay! Bahahaha! Just kidding. The more, the merrier!

    2. Thanks! I can make it brown if needed.


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