Monday, September 9, 2013

The Bourne Identity and HoJo

Our clan has grown by seven now.
Things are still happening at lightening speed. A day doesn't go by that I don't scratch down some blog post ideas and then, before I know it, two days have gone by and I have a scratch pad full of unwritten posts.

So, I'm up north staying at a HoJo while I muster through my first week on the new job. Just finished Day One of Orientation and glad it's over. You know how boring orientation seminars can be. All the plan changes and uncontrollable events lately have taken their toll on me in different ways.

For starters, when I got to my destination up here in the high country, I happily pulled into my "resort" for an expected comforting night of sleep. I thought I was being smart trading our timeshare week in Sedona for a place near my work while we wait for our move-in date (coming this weekend). After a cheerful greeting from the night desk clerk, I found to my dismay that I had booked this year.

Yep. 2014. I suddenly found myself in need of a hotel at midnight on a Sunday night. With a trailer full of household crap waiting to be put into storage, I now had to figure out where I was going to sleep for the next week while I started my new job. Luckily, the helpful desk clerk called the HoJo down the street and negotiated me a nice price ($50/night). After calling the timeshare exchange company and requesting my booking fee refunded (I tried to charm my way into a stay at the same resort, didn't work), I will only be out about $50 when it's all over so not too bad...I guess.

Tired momma...
So, obviously, I was focused on something else when I reserved my room for this week. Nevertheless, it's working out so far.

CPS conducted their home visit at my house today. Our church stepped up and became involved. A friend of Wifey's stayed by her side for the visit. According to Wifey, they asked basic questions, quickly glanced into each bedroom and interviewed each child (including the 4 year old). Sounds to me like Wifey went into a bedroom and all six girls stayed together for the interrogation in the livingroom (nice move, honey!). I like that much more than little ones being interrogated alone with CPS. The whole thing was less than half an hour or so.

That chapter should be closed now and we can focus on moving. We will be requesting copies of all documentation from both CPS and the school. For the rest of the week, I guess Wifey and the girls will just focus on packing clothes to wear for the first week up north until we get everything unpacked.

I didn't get to blog about Sister's Sweet 16 birthday nor The Queen's 13th birthday but let the record show that they both had a great time and as parents, we didn't let current events prevent us from helping the girls enjoy their birthdays. Oh, and our German Shepherd had seven puppies Saturday night too. That was the first time Wifey and I experienced animal birth up close. And of course, I video taped the whole thing :-)

So I'm going to kick back and celebrate my first day in Management by watching the Bourne Trilogy in the local Howard Johnson's hotel. If I get bored, maybe I'll go hunt down a good 'ol Sonic rootbeer float.



mizdeb said...

Never a dull moment with you guys! Glad things got straightened out with CPS. Quite a crew you will be moving now that the dog had pups! Good luck and God bless

Lee Reed said...

GL and GB, OJD, rooting for you and thank u for sharing your journey

Crustyrusty said...

Surprised your head hasn't exploded yet from all the fun.

Don't forget the Chicago dogs with that float.

Rob said...

Isn't stress wonderful?? NOT!!

Leigh said...

You are certainly going through some trials. But then, that's a part of life, unfortunately. So good that you're keeping a cool head and positive outlook through it all.

OrangeJeepDad said...

Thanks ya'll. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting settled into our new home on Saturday! That's when I think we might finally get to sit down and reflect.

butterbean carpenter said...

Howdy OJD,
We're glad y'all are 'muddlin'' through the mess and not bucklin' under ALL OF THE STRESS !!! BUT DON'T THINK FOR A MINUTE CPS IS OVER; they're POLITICAL and don't like to be WRONG, EVEN IF THEY ARE !!! I kinda wish y'all were back in OK or back here, in TEXAS or up in ALASKA !!!
Keep your mind on that great JOB and make'em a REAL HAND !!!

We're still praying that y'all get it going and things 'settle' down for y'all !!!

Keep a smile on your face and have a HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!

butterbean said...

Howdy OJD,
My Joyce had an idea; SUE THE CPS FOR causing Sis to miss her class-time and the instruction that she missed, sitting around and being INTERROGATED all day and the SECOND TIME, also !!! It was HER RIGHTS TO INSTRUCTION THEY VIOLATED !!!
IF the school nurse wasn't at fault for calling in CPS, SUE THEM PERSONALLY, ALSO !!! OR GET SHERIFF JOE IN ON IT; he'll get the thing straightened out....

Hope things are going better for y'all, up North and y'all can again have HAPPY DAYS !!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that things are working out for you. I totally enjoy reading your blog.
A few words of caution on CPS: since you are still in the same state, you are now in their system. They won't hesitate to "revisit". Keep your preps out of sight, any canning visible is because you are "into" natural foods, and keep a family court lawyer on tap. Sad, but true. We live in dangerous times my friend. And in the word of most progressives-your children don't belong to you.
Get a nanny cam camera set up-the hidden cameras in teddy bears, vases, etc. Have that video running whenever you get a visit from the authorities. A good video, where the participants don't know that they are on camera, is worth its weight in gold in court.
Enjoy the new place. It looks gorgeous!
-Stealth Spaniel

Linda in SoCal said...

I hope the move is going well. You and your family have been on my heart and I have been praying for you.

m roberts said...

tell them all that I said hi and my bday is in 9 days

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