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Garage Sales... a Necessary Evil

Yeah,  so... I'm not a big fan of garage sales.  At least not HAVING them.  I enjoy perusing other people's though.  Today we are trying to sell (or give away) the rest of our stuff.
We are combining two households since Wifey's mom will be moving up north with us.  This is no fun task. 

Well,  it wasn't... until we found... 

The Wig of the Century! 

Are you ready?

I don't think you are!


The Orange Jeep SURFER Dad! 


  1. HAHAHAAA!!! You totally got me, duuuuude!

    Was not expecting that last picture!

    1. Oh, I'm TOTALLY wearing this on a regular basis. Like, when daughters "boyfriends" are around, dropping teenagers off at school, etc.

  2. It's you, man!!! I bet your daughters are not too happy with you wearing it around them and their friends.

  3. DUUDE a true Broooo moment. Lets hit the waves....

  4. Please stop! Some things are not for public viewing! DG

  5. Shades of Dolly Parton! Thanks for the laugh!

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