Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great Friends, Perfect Weather...and Fully Automatic Weapons!

I almost declined when my friend from the local police department invited me out for a day of shooting. The "Range Practice" fell smack dab in the middle of church hours. After mulling it over for a bit I realized that no one would (or should) fault me for spending a few hours honing my gun skills which could ultimately protect or provide for my family.

I loaded up my shiny new shotgun which I had purchased for home protection several months earlier and headed out in the O.J. (orange jeep). I haven't fired a gun in several years and this was the virgin outting for my shotgun.

By the time the afternoon was over, I had fired an HK and AR rifle, 9mm handgun and my shiny new Remington 12 guage. I had a pinpoint blood blister on the tip of my trigger finger and my shoulders were a bit sore. I could feel the heat radiating from my head thanks to a mild sunburn across my forehead.

I helped pick up all the spent casings and thanked my friends for inviting me. My shooting knowledge and skills had increased (that's easy to do when you start at zero) and I couldn't stop smiling the whole drive home.

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