Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Purple Potatoes Are Headed For My Garden!

Our recent Sprouts Grocery Store flyer touted $0.19/lb oranges so we set out to get some and bring them home for juicing. The oranges were there (and plenty of them) but we also came across some unusual items. Some PURPLE unusual items.

First, we found some really cool purple potatoes. Not quite as big as your usual Idahoan type but large enough to be worthy of the labor to clean, cook and eat. I snatched up a couple of pounds worth and headed down the isle.

Next, purple cauliflower was spotted and into the bag it went. A few more purchases and we were on our way home. I had already planted purple carrot seeds in our new raised-box gardens and will happily add purple potatoes as well.

As any college educated dad would do, I researched how to grow potatoes on YouTube. There was a nice, short series by ExpertVillage that contained several videos on a playlist. Just one click and they continued to play. Short and sweet.

As per ExpertVillage, I cut the potatoes into small pieces which had at least two "eyes." I have to let them "heal" for a couple of days and then into the garden they will go!

Below is a picture of my baggie full of cut purple potatoes.

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