Thursday, August 4, 2011

Delicious Morning Juice inspired by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Our morning juice.
I recently posted about watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on NetFlix (see the free preview on Amazon).  This spurred Wifey and I to start juicing as a means to add vegetables into our routine that we wouldn't normally consume. 

Today I blended apples, celery, two cucumbers from our garden, and strawberries. It was the first drink I've made that looked peach in color so I took a picture.  Personally, I think it looks delicious and the taste was spot on!  I usually make enough for about a glass and a half for each of us but today's batch barely made over one glass each.  It was yummy enough to leave me wanting more. 

I'm still amazed at how well fruits cover the taste of vegetables.  I've never been one for asparagus, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and the like but juicing them together with sweet fruits like apples, pears, grapes and strawberries makes for a heavenly sweet drink. Don't forget the pulp can be used for cooking or composting.

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  1. I like the vegetables you mentioned. I don't really eat a lot of meat but I do like good vegetables. I tried V8 with vegetables and it was ok but it cost a lot. I think we have a blender around here somewhere, I'll ask my wife about trying this.


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