Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Put on My Angry Eyes

Just one of those days I guess...
Most parents out there will recognize that title from Toy Story.  I added it for a little humor because for some reason today, I'm really angry.  I don't know why really.  I just feel the emotion.  Maybe it's a guy thing?

I woke up earlier than normal.  Went out into the living room and endured just enough sibling rivalry to reach the point of telling everyone to stop whining, sit down and be quiet.  Of course, that lasted all of two minutes.

Older girls weren't doing the chores their mother was asking them to do.  Younger girls were fighting about who's stuff belong's to whom.  And the dog was barking because he couldn't reach the left over dinner scraps parked up on the dinner table...that no one bothered to clean up.

I snipped at a few kids for the remarks they were making at the dinner table and damned if I didn't feel guilty after doing it!  By that point, Wifey's looking at me, obviously caught on that something's wrong with my mojo.  I shrug it off and go change clothes to head to work. 

I was kind enough to say goodbye to everyone, including the snarky 10 year old who informed me at dinner that it was my responsiblity to pay for her wedding some day. I even hugged and kissed the Chloe Monster goodbye.  She's responsible for 99% of the background noise in our house every day.  Just random shrills and screams.  Like she's testing the audible durability level of the windows in our house.

I'm greeted at work by my dayshift opposite who explains with no facial expression how he justified leaving two CT Scans on a Telemetry patient FROM 4PM for me.  It's now 7:15pm.  I excuse myself to attend a Code in the ER and upon arrival the ER Physician says "It'll a be a bit til the patient gets here. Can you do a wrist xray in room 5?"  Sure.

After walking back across the hospital to get the xray film necessary for a wrist, I return to ER room 5.  I'm greeted by three generations of women.  Grandma and mom politely excuse themselves from the room as I begin to perform my xrays. 

"So", I say to the patient, "what happened to your wrist? Did you fall on it or something?"

"Well", she says, "No...I've just been drawing a lot lately and...." sentence ended.

So, here I am.  Already angry at the world.  Now I'm administering radiation to a 15 year old girl, brought in my her supossed elder more wiser parent and grandparent...because her wrist hurts from drawing too much.

Lord, just let this day end. Please.


  1. Sounds like you need a break. Next day off do something nice for yourself. Every parent needs a little work on their mental health from time to time.Trust me your normal. LOL!

  2. Having only had brothers and one son I think I see the source of your problem. My uncle who had four daughters never said a word at home, in fact he finally made himself a little retreat and hid there while at home.... for like 10 years.

    My wife, who comes from a predominately all female family likes to say that her fathers favorite line was "I bet when I am gone the dog gets it".

    You have been hit by estrogen overload. I suggest watching some action movies, drinking some beer and then going out and shooting some things. Maybe a strip club visit on the way home from the range.

    Just a suggestion :)

  3. Take a deep breath and just thank God you have NORMAL kiddos, a wife with the patience of Job (she's home with them all day), more common courtesy than your co-worker who expects you to clean up after them, and more sense as a parent than the mom/grandma who think an xray is in order for a 15 year old who draws too much.

    When you look at it like that, you're very blessed.

    : )

  4. Everything HossBoss said plus a big cup of chamomile tea and how about an hour's hot stone massage or at least a soak in a tub of hot water with some lavender?

  5. Thanks for the input guys. The night went down hill after the post. I let the frustration start screwing me up in my job duties. Luckily, I work alone and can fix my own mistakes.

    One more hour and I'm off work. I just might wear my gun range ear muffs to bed...

  6. I know exactly what you mean. You get mad at kids, for something not so bad, then feel guilty. My son and I went to swim yesterday. We got down at the foot of the mountain and he wouldn't open the gate. I asked him why not. He said "because the bear is hanging out here by the spring." This is true. I asked him why I should do it. He said "because I'm not going to." That aggravated me but I kept my mouth shut. He has a particular fear of bears and I don't, so the rationale side of me understood but the not so nice side of me was annoyed. It's just how it is. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. Can't remember who said that but they got it right.

  7. You and me both. It seems the first thing I did this morning was stick my foot in my mouth, and now some people are upset with me. It's ruining my day. Arsenius' post a few days back titled "Moving to Australia Didn't Work Out" made me think of that old story, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." Have you ever read it? Seems like those type of days are becoming more prevalent lately. We're all going to have to work on staying upbeat if things outside our control continue to go downhill.


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