Saturday, August 13, 2011

Joe Cross Inspired Juicing Recipes

Just a quick note to say I've added a few tabs at the top of the blog.  I recently posted about the Joe Cross movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I've been juicing daily since for multiple reasons.  It's kind of turned into a fun little hobby and I've taken pictures of the different juices Wifey and I have made.

So, if you are interested in juicing fruits and vegetables for whatever reason, visit my Juicing for Health tab at the top of the page (or click here).

If you ended up here looking for before and after pictures of Joe Cross, use the first link in this post to see the images of him before and after his 60 day juice fast.


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  1. My husband and I saw that movie a while back and haven't been able to stop thinking about juicing. We just started day one today and I've created a blog.....more just to vent then anything haha. Nice to see someone else who is interested in juicing too =)


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