Sunday, February 17, 2013

Linda Achley didn't know she was 40 weeks.

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Being both a parent and employed in the medical field, I was intrigued by the headline: "Unaware of pregnancy, Michigan woman delivers 10-pound baby" on Google's news homepage. 

Not many things surprise me these days but I HAD to find a picture of what a person looks like that goes 40 weeks without knowing there is a TEN POUND BABY IN THEIR BODY.

So, with a little searching, I found some images of LInda Achley of Michigan.

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From "
A Michigan woman reportedly traveled to Allegiance Health Friday, telling doctors she suspected she was suffering from a hernia. Instead, she gave birth to a ten-pound baby girl."


Linda's husband Mike. Photo courtesy of J. Scott Park/


  1. @DD My first thought, as biased as it may be, was "Just how LARGE is a woman that doesn't know she is 40 weeks pregnant?" Of course, I knew the answer having had more than one family member who didn't need to buy new clothes during their entire pregnancy. But I was surprised by the lack of photos in the internet articles. It took a few minutes to Google it but an Italian website was the first I found. At least the father is employed as a security guard and not a lazy loaf.

  2. Sorry about my comment, I know it was inappropriate. I just couldn't help myself. . .


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